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Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland features a new adventure in the form of a 19 year old Alice, about to be married off to a ‘Lord’ of an acceptable social standing & reputable family, which other than an indigestion problem, would have been considered a catch as a husband.

In the midst of discovering herself & her direction in life (wow, you mean this kind of thing do happen back then?), she was unwittingly bought back to the Wonderland she visited as a child, but this time with absolutely no recollection of what happened.

I am writing this review as someone who has absolutely no idea of the story of Alice in Wonderland. Nope, I haven’t read the book, nor I do have any such intention to do so in the next 10 years.

ALice Wonderland

Back to movie….I’m sorry that I didn’t really enjoy it. I mean, yeah, there was plenty of props, an almost unbelievable FASHIONABLE attire (check out Alice’s dresses!) and dialogues at most parts that was completely UNcomprehensible.

The 3D rendition was almost negligible too;  for all that I could make out of the special effects (if there was any to begin with).

Now now, don’t let a cynical 28- year- old who does not believe in fairy tales deter you from the snaking long queues at the ticketing counter.
I think this makes an entertaining watch for those who are fans of Alice and is certainly a very child- friendly film, though The White Queen is a bit too bimbo-ish to be of any role model. All in all, it is still the perfect movie for families.

For me, the tea party made up for any disappointment. Scrummy sandwiches, English cookies and ok-can-eat-la cupcakes. We ate for free of course, but no fret, the tea set is available for RM35++ at Dome or Aseana Cafe.

Eye candy: Coffee, tea or me? ;p

ALice Wonderland3

For the KLCC screening (there is another in MV this coming Wed, which promises to be bigger, better & more extravagant!), the tea party was at the Melium Galleria, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC. The whole place was decked out in props and an actual tea table for Alice and her friends were laid out at the venue.

ALice Wonderland2

Greedy me walloped the whole plate (it was meant for 2 😉 ) by myself.  My vote goes to the sandwiches and scones.

ALice Wonderland1

Free popcorn & Coke at the entrance to the cinema hall. A big thank you to Disney, Buena Vista Columbia & The Melium Group for the exclusive Media invites.

popcorn n coke

I can’t resist snapping pics of these dresses by The Melium Group. I didn’t bother asking for the prices of course.


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