Honda Malaysia Launches the All-New Jazz Hybrid

Capitalizing on the Honda Jazz’s popularity and the current public interest in Hybrid cars, Honda Malaysia unveiled the All-New Honda Jazz Hybrid, adding yet another model to its family of hybrid cars in Malaysia.

Pic_3 All-New Jazz Hybrid

The hatchback, which features Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid system under its hood retained all the practicality and spaciousness of the Jazz.
In layman terms, it’s the same la, but different engine. 🙂
It’s powered by similar technology, engine ( 1.3-litre ) and motor as the Honda Insight.

All-New Jazz Hybrid-001

Price? It’s getting lower and lower and more competitive in the Hybrid market; for this sells for RM94,800 (otr w/ insurance).

The launch venue was a rather interesting choice, but aptly in line with the eco-friendliness direction of Honda’s hybrid vehicles.
Heavy downpour didn’t affect the class and comfort of the launch atmosphere, as guests were first directed to a properly allocated parking space, then ferried in Honda cars to the venue, which was an massive tent erected on top of the hill.

Air con ensured comfort, and plenty of food and drinks were served.
Due to the rain, personalised escort service to the washroom and back to the venue was provided, with your escort waiting for you while you do your business. Service at its best no? 😛

All-New Jazz Hybrid

Anyhow, back to the Jazz Hybrid. It comes in this bright GREEN colour, leaving you in no doubt of how “green”‘  the car is.

All-New Jazz Hybrid (Stylish Rear Design)

Too green for you? Other colours include Alabaster Silver, Milano Red, Crystal Black Pearl and Taffeta White.

Target market for the Jazz Hybrid is similar with the Insight as the car is optimised for city driving and would mainly appeal to the independent young professionals. And of course, for those who has an environmental or money conscience (whichever comes first).

One of the primary selling point of the 5-door Jazz Hybrid is the Ultra Seat ( a feature retained from in the previous non-hybrid Jazz models).

All-New Jazz Hybrid- Naturally Spacious

The IMA battery pack and Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) have been integrated under the boot floor area, keeping the normal boot (above floor) area of 300 litres and allowing the Ultra Seat to fold in the same manner as the non-hybrid versions.

All-New Jazz Hybrid- Interior (Rear Underseat Box)

This means that the seats still fold entirely flat to provide a surprising large boot space of 846 litres or the seat bases can be folded to sit vertically to accommodate tall items within the car.

All-New Jazz Hybrid- Naturally Flexible (Long Mode)

All-New Jazz Hybrid- Naturally Flexible ( Tall Mode)

All-New Jazz Hybrid- Naturally Flexible (Utility Mode)

Similar to the Insight and CR-Z, the 5-year / 140,000km warranty on its IMA battery applies.

Customers can test drive and place their booking for the All-New Jazz Hybrid at any authorised Honda dealers nationwide.  For more information, log on to

IMG_8193 copy resized1

And if you need to know how Honda hybrids works, it’s all HERE.

All-New Jazz Hybrid- Guidance Function

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