Honda Insight New Edition 2012 – Before and Now – Pictures

On 29th February, Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd introduced the bolder and more futuristic looking Insight.
I got the update via email, and reading through the press release, I thought seeing the upgrades for myself at a Honda Showroom and taking some pictures to share on my post will depict the differences better.

As you would have probably realized by now, I’m a strong advocate of original content, and totally despise blogging from a press release.
Slotting in a visit to the showroom with my schedule was challenging, but worth it! The new Honda Insight certainly caught my attention. The term futuristic was aptly applied here, as it certainly looks the part.

the all new honda insight 2012

Changes to note:

1. New front and rear bumper design

honda insight 2011-vert

All new insght


2.  The headlights now have a tint of blue highlight

honda insight day 2-011-horz

3.  The new grille has a blue reflector underneath, giving it a glamorous glow.

6.  As for the interior, the seats are upholstered with a new fabric. For the backseat, passengers can now enjoy a more spacious cabin with an extra head clearance of 15mm following some adjustments on the shape of the roof lining and the hip point of the rear seats.


In addition to the aesthetic upgrades, this model promises to deliver better fuel economy. After all, fuel economy has always been the central aspect of a hybrid vehicle.

1.  The engine has been improved to achieve better fuel economy.
Efficiency is refined with reduced friction and enhanced CVT (continuously variable transmission), engine control and with the installation of power-saving fuel pump, the power consumption has also been subsequently reduced
2.  For optimum city ride, the new Insight is added with noise insulation materials for better NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) performance.7.
3. Based customers’ feedback, the wiper motor garnish was changed and the thickness of the tailgate garnish reduced. The change, from a safety standpoint, helps driver see the rear more clearly.
4.  The new Insight has obtained a 6-star JNCAP safety rating for driver and 5-star JNCAP safety rating for passengers.
This upgraded model comes with a safety feature called Hill Start Assist (HSA) that enhances the existing Creep Aid System.
Other safety features includes:

Also, the wave key has been changed to a more compact jack knife key and there are four colors for customers to choose from: Super Platinum Aqua Metallic, Premium White Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl and Alabaster Silver Metallic.

Selling at RM99,800 (on the road), the new Insight’s IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) battery comes with a 5-year or 140,000 km warranty, depending on which comes first.

The warranty is currently the longest warranty period offered in Malaysia. Honda Malaysia has also shortened the waiting period to less than two weeks.

You can visit any authorised Honda showrooms to view and test-drive the new Insight.

infographic - 4-001

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