Holiday Villa – Christmas & New Year Buffets!

It’s hard not to break out into a grin when you are greeted with the sight of a whole lamb roasting in any buffet.

Holiday villa christmas (1)

Sweetening the deal was a whole platter of oysters, freshly shucked and briny. Though I didn’t manage to snap a picture, the salad/seafood station was lined to the brim with fresh mussels, prawns & flower crabs.

Holiday villa christmas (8)

Seeing that it’s Christmas season, the Turkey made its appearance of course.

holiday villa - craving the turkey

All of these were a part of the East meets West theme for the Christmas & New Year buffets for Holiday Villa Subang this 2010.

Appetisers of fresh gourmet breads and soups were laid out with 3 assortments of fresh butter; paprika,Β  unsalted & salted, all prepared in the Holiday Villa kitchen itself. Enjoy your bread with a bowl of fresh pumpkin soup, if you so wish.

Holiday villa christmas (23)

We chose our meals from “the cooking stations” that circled the pool side.

Holiday villa christmas (22)

The grilling station was one of our favourites & predictably so. Who doesn’t love their meats? I know I do!!

holiday villa subang christmas-2

Not confined to only the lamb; there were seafood, sausages, chicken & thick beef fillets.

Holiday villa christmas (9)

I particular liked the seafood packets, where the mix of fresh mussels, squids, fish and prawns where cooked with slightly spicy chilli spices.

holiday villa subang christmas-3

Then it was the Japanese station for me. Seeing the sombre looking Japanese chef preparing the sushi, I felt assured of the quality of the Jap fare here immediately.

Holiday villa christmas (10)

Freshly rolled california rolls, makis, lightly battered & crisp vegetable, prawn and squid tempura. How I wish there were sashimi as well. πŸ˜‰

Holiday villa christmas (12)

Holiday villa christmas (11)

Going a bit Asian, there were Yong Tau Foo and a Chinese stir-fry stall as well.

Holiday villa christmas (4)

Canto-noodle in a claypot. Not bad; fully flavoured stock and loads of ingredients.

holiday villa subang christmas-1

More noodles!

holiday villa subang christmas

The Indian grill was next.

Holiday villa christmas (3)

The indian breads – naan & chappatis were freshly “baked” in the tandoor oven. All meats were rubbed with a special tandoor mix & was grilled till tender with full flavour of the spices imbued into the flesh.

holiday villa subang christmas

Below: The Thai station, where your Thai salads and Tom Yam will be prepared al-minute.

Holiday villa christmas (5)

I got exhausted after a while (getting tired from the sheer amount of choices alone is a good thing in any buffet! πŸ˜‰ ) and attacked the desserts.

Holiday villa christmas (6)

As expected, I got sugar overloaded that night. Hehee..

Holiday villa christmas (21)

My favourite – Ice Kacang!!

Holiday villa christmas (13)

Some lucky bloggers got chosen for a complimentary 2D/1N stay in Holiday Villa Subang. But I didn’t .. Huurmmpphhhh ;p

Holiday villa christmas (20)

Holiday villa christmas (19)

Holiday villa christmas (18)

Holiday villa christmas (17)

Holiday villa christmas (16)

Holiday villa christmas (15)

Holiday villa christmas (14)

So there, another recommendation hotel for your 2010 Christmas celebrations. All prices, dates & promos as per the table below:

Thanks Ee Van for the summarised table yo!

The Poolside New Year’s Eve Carnival will happen on the 31st December 2010 at the cost of RM111++ per person.

For other Promotion currently Holiday Villa Subang is having, please click HERE for more information.

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