HiShop.my : Malaysia’s Most Exclusive Online Shopping Club

Has anyone heard of HiShop.my? Yes? No?

HiShop.my - Malaysia's Most Exclusive Online Shopping Club

Watch this video, and tell me if you’ve been harried before?


Yes? Of course YES! KL traffic is notorious (or most states in Malaysia anyways).

So here’s an online site that aims to take that stress away.

Be apart of a CLUB that allows you exclusive access to private sales of anything from bags to clothes to watches. “Exclusive”  & “private”  cos it is only accessible if you are a member & “exclusive” also cos they’ve got high-end brands like Calvin Klein, Tissot, Lotte Edwards and many more at up to 80% discounts!

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I surfed around on this site…….and noted the blog section. How nice!
The site is not just all about their sales, sales, sales but there’s a personal touch to it as well; nice informative articles from Claire Richards,HiShop’s Member Relationship Manager on some of the brands they carry.
Not sure about you, but I’m all for more engagement with your members rather than “yea, just shove me your promos day- in, day- out”.

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Here’s some of the current items on sale right now.

deals on hishop

HiShop’s branded goods and limited edition items are carefully selected and come with a 100% authenticity guarantee, procured only from authorized brand dealers so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best out of your hard earned money. :)

To shake things up a bit, there’s this member ranking according to different level such as Rookie, Fashionista and Trendsetter. Below you can learn about HiShop’s unique Rookie, Fashionista and Trendsetter membership levels. Aim high and become a TRENDSETTER in order to access to their VIP sales.

ranking on hi shop malaysia

Upcoming brands are Aigner, Chloe, Crocs Shoes, Dockers, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Levis, L’Oreal, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Sembonia, Versace, Coach & Furla. Ohhh…I can’ t wait! Especially for JIMMY CHOOS! :)

♥ And because HiShop is exclusively online you are protected from the inconvenience of finding a car park, fighting with crowds in the mall, traffic jams to even stepping out of the house to go shopping. 

HiShop is available, in a click of a button, in a wide variety of items at your convenience.

About hi shop malaysia

In a nutshel; how does HiShop Works?
Simple. HiShop bring in boutique brands & grants you access to authentic items at the best prices. Each sale for each item typically lasts 3 to 5 days and features hand-picked styles from a single designer/brand.
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