Head to Jarrod & Rawlins – for its mushy green peas!

Yes, an entire new menu sampling session with more than 10 dishes & I came away vowing to go back for its mushy green peas!
This creamy, absolutely moreish concoction got me totally addicted. Marvelous even on its own, I do hope these mushy green peas will be a regular side dish to their mains here.

Jarrod& Rawlins4

That is not to say there was no mains that got me salivating for more, for the Hickory Baby-Back Ribs (RM12/100g) certainly did!
And finally, a version of ribs NOT done smothered in thick, sweet BBQ, caramelised sauce that grace every menu of almost every dining outlet.
Here at Jarrod & Rawlins, the ribs were tasty & tender; wiping off initial doubts that it might be dry since it did looked the part. Well, we were more than happy to be proven wrong.
This was a most marvelously done rungs of ribs I must say. Good good good.

Jarrod& Rawlins9

I enjoyed the Alaskan Seabass, (RM16/100g) as well. Thick cuts of absolutely fresh seabass; pan fried to a crisp for the skin and with its flesh sweet, succulent and flaky, there was certainly nothing to complain about.


Out of the 2 salads we had that evening, the Calamari Salad, RM18, had me munching the greens happily. Soft bouncy cuts of squids tossed with the piquant sauce works wonders perking up the tastebuds.

calamari salad

The smoked duck salad was equally delightful actually, other than being slightly salty. But when eaten with forkfuls of salad, it balanced out pretty well.
Pinkish raw and with the skin slightly crisp topping a slim juicy layer of fat, this makes for a very good reasons to hit your daily greens quota of 5 servings.

Jarrod& Rawlins

Salami, Serrano Ham, lettuce & tomato Ciabatta.
After my 1st experience with Serrano hams in El Meson I got re-acquitted with it again barely a week after, this time in a sandwich.
(Hey, I’m suddenly seeing Serrano ham everywhere lately; I saw a whole leg of it in O Gourmet & now Jarrod & Rawlins. Either I’m dining more in higher end places or it has just become the next best cured meat to eat!)

Jarrod& Rawlins2

Here at Jarrod & Rawlins, their freshly assembled sandwich came jam packed with numerous layers of quality cured Serrano, with its signature speckle of fats intact.

serrano ham

Likewise for the Smoked Salmon & Avocado (RM24). We got thick and numerous layers of salmon & avocado in our panini.
Jarrod & Rawlins recently launched this great concept that I’ m in total support of, giving customers the freedom to customize their own sandwich & salads.
Just ask your server for the Make-Your-Own-Salad and Sandwich menus, tick at the options available & your sandwich/salad will be prepared accordingly. No need to be limited by menu options & with the multitude of cold cuts, sausages, sauces, seafood & greens available, your meal is restricted only by your creativity (& for some of us, the wallet)!

Jarrod& Rawlins1

Chicken Liver Paté. (RM19.50). This got the thumbs up by fine food connoisseur FBB so it must be good. I, however, have yet to learn to appreciate this “fine food”.

Jarrod& Rawlins3

Siew Yuk aka Roast Pork (Price by weight). Supposedly their signature. Well, I didn’t have any major problem with this.

siew yuk

Pork Cumberland & Dynamite Sausage served with mashed potato & gravy. (Price by weight).

Jarrod& Rawlins5

While everyone at the table seemed to have heard or ate Cumberland sausages back in those days when they were in Uni, while holidaying in UK etc, I was totally at lost.
Anyhow, the coil shaped sausage certainly looked interesting & a chunk of it was in my mouth the moment the last photograph was taken.

Jarrod& Rawlins6

Dense & meaty, it was yummy but the Dynamite sausage was the one that blew me off, literally. It was ass-kicking spicy, with cili padi (bird eyes chilles) embedded between every grain of grinded meat. Indeed a most original Jarrod & Rawlins creation.

Platter of Assorted Cheese. I remembered there were smoked cheese, blue cheese & goat cheese but I just couldn’t recall the last variety. Anyhow, we were stuffed by then and I sampled each for taste.

Jarrod& Rawlins10

Serrano Ham & Bacon Pasta with Dried Chili & Olive Oil. RM32.
This would have been perfect if it was less sourish.

Jarrod& Rawlins8

Jarrod & Rawlins, truly the purveyors of fine food & wine, with outlets at Damansara Heights, Desa Sri Hartamas, Ampwalk & CapSquare.
Email: [email protected]
You can view their menu here: Jarrod & Rawlins Website and be their fan on FACEBOOK for immediate notifications of their promos & specials.

Last but not least, many thanks to foodie Elaine of G2 PR for including me in this makan session!