The hotel room surpassed my expectations 😉
I’m so pleased with my room that I’m updating my blog immediately, here in the hotel at 530pm right before cocktails & dinner. Oh, it helps that the COMPLIMENTARY WIFI is super speedy!!

So here goes, my room !

GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +603 2168 1919
Fax : +603 2168 1818
Email : [email protected]

More updates on the hotel soon! I got a few more pictures to share & also details on the prices, etc. Stay tuned! :yes:

For video of the superb Elements Gym – see HERE and for my overall impression of the hotel & its impressive GREEN status – it’s HERE !


  1. says

    The screen in the toilet is for those who’re hardcore biz ppl. Ppl who do the usual toilet biz who likes to top up with biz of watching worldwide stocks move. So there u go, a hardcore biz hotel! 😛


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