Greetings from the sterile republic! *waves*

I have been out and about.. and hardly far from my laptop. πŸ˜†

Tired out from the bus ride, I actually slept half the day yesterday! Major FAIL! I missed the chicken rice for lunch & ended up having this for lunch instead.
Not that I mind.. I love cakes!! :mrgreen:

(more details on the cakes later )
SG Cedele Bluberry

I love grocery shopping in other countries & I have always lamented that Malaysia seriously have some catching up to do. Though I have not been to that many countries… & based on my limited SEA travels, I rate Thailand & Hong Kong as one of the best for their groceries selection πŸ˜‰

So after the cake, I hobbled over to Giant since it was nearby & got myself this – Magnolia’s Yogurt Smoothie (SGD1.25).Β  It tasted like Berries flavoured cough syrup. NOT recommended at all.


Those who know me well knows that I have an obsession with bread. Especially in Sg; I actually find their Gardenia edible, UNLIKE in Malaysia where I rather starve than eat Gardenia! You can read about their yummy loaves HERE. Their Gardenia is much thicker, denser & tasted way better than what we get here!

This time round, I saw some new addition to their range of ‘Fun Buns’ & got myself one each for variety πŸ˜‰



After chucking away the awful Magnolia smoothie, I bought this – F & N’s NutriSoy (SGD1.35). Luckily, this turned out to be a good choice.Β  Thick & creamy, it did the job of washing off the medicinal taste from my mouth. Again I just can’t help but compare this to our Yeo’s, Nesvita & Soyrich, which sadly really loses out in terms of taste.

I’m not sure why I bought this Nescafe Macchiato (SGD2.50) , cos I can’t drink coffee! But I find it hard to stop buying everything! Guess I’ll just give it away πŸ˜‰


Look at the variety of cheese they have here!! I wonder if Unka will help me lug some home on his flight :mrgreen: (I’m taking the bus).
SG Cheese

And even the sausages…
SG Sausages

Ok, out I go! I hope to eat some reallllll FOOD today, I’m starving!!! πŸ˜†

You can read about my last misadventures in Sg HERE.


  1. says

    i rarely do grocery shopping, whether in kl or abroad, but whenever i do, i like to check out bread and buns too! though my weakness would be potato chips and chocolate πŸ˜€

  2. says

    eh! we have the same interest :) while oversea, Jenn & I love to check out on the grocery store… eg. in Krabi, we went to Tesco Lotus and bought a lot of snacks there, plus a shampoo that we couldnt find in M’sia and also their famous Siang Pure oil :)
    For me, I checked out 7-11 and tasted their snacks… Malaysia is too far behind

    • says

      7 -11! Yes, Msia’s probably the worst ones! Hehe..cant get decent food.
      Cool man.. imagine if we go holiday toge ;), we will raid the supermarket shelves!

  3. says

    Rebecca…it’s about time i leave a comment here.. Love reading ur blog! keep up the good word! Hope all it well with u! =) It’s been too long since high schooL! =)


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