Gong Hei FAttttttt Choy!!

Another year.. and of course..with wishes of better things to come than the last’s…. to all fellow bloggers, Gong hei Fatt Choy!!!
Best wishes to life, career, family and health!!!

I got more pics and food to share.. from my visits to Sid’s Pub (yesss..its many visits & it all goes into one/two posts!)
Though it’s definitely weird to be blogging about English food during CNY, I happened to be an orphan of circumstances, and have not gone back to Pg for CNY. So as of today 28th Jan, I have yet to yee sang or eaten any Chinese food, of which I’m sorely missing! Can’t wait for all those chinese hawkers centres to be open again!

Ok..enough of whining.. here’s the continuation from my post on Sid’s..

Finger food at Sids’ are pretty good, and you’ll normally see patrons ordering sides other than the customary pints of beer and Guinness Draught.
One of the few sides I have tried was Chicken in a Basket.. with the ab-solutely heavenly GARLIC Mayo, self proclaimed on the menu as the BEST in KL.. and so far I don’t see a reason to refute that!
I have no complains of the chicken strips itself, for it was nice and tender, but I did find the coating tasteless, of which Logan (Outlet Mgr) explained that it was supposedly so, and all the better to be eaten with the garlic mayo. Well, guess one can’t argue with that.

Had this as well, Bangers with Onions.
Basically pork sausages and onions, liberally doused with red chilli and pepper. It was REallyllyly spicy! The group of us thought it would have been better if the spiciness level was slightly toned down, for it masked the flavour of the sausages itself.
(sorry abt the pic, it was really dark and I had to use flash..me no pro with cams)

The rest below are on several separate trips…

On a blamy Sunday.. my first experience with Sunday Roast, complete with Yorkshire Pudding..

Came with 2 huge slabs of meat, done med-rare and served with separate gravy of brown sauce.. the steak retains all of its juicy goodness and was well worthy of its price of RM29++.

I have always wondered how does Yorkshire pudding tasted like, and was surprised to see this.

Looked like an egg-tart right? But since Sids’ serves Authentic English food, I guess this must be it then.
Taste-wise? It was plain actually, and since I had a pre-notion that puddings are supposed to be sweet, I wasn’t used to it.
Oh, yes, the Sunday Roast set came with a choice of soup and I chose this.
Carrot (something) Soup.
Eerrr.. disappointingly it was tasteless and really watery. Wonder what happened?

On a breezy Thursday evening.. feeling skittish & decided to go Scottish ;p – SCOTCH Eggs.
Again, it was my first’s.
Coated by a layer of porky goodness and deep fried, served with spicy mustard. The eggs itself has “borrowed” some of the flavour from the outer minced pork sausage with hint -of- pepper- concoction. Great with a pint.

I ordered a Tuna Nicoise as well, since the Scotch Eggs were meant for sharing.

Very generously loaded with tuna, of the briny kind, hence really healthy as no oil was present in the dish, especially since I asked for the dressing to be served separately.
Very fresh & crunchy. Too bad no cheese was added 🙁
The yellow cubes you see here are potatoes..got me excited for a while there, thinking it’s feta!

The sauce.. I think it was olive oil, mustard and vinegar..

On one scorching afternoon.. nothing beats a big meaty burger and cold beer to chill the nerves..
Sids’ Nevis Burger. I chose beef and added an additional topping of an egg (one can choose top-ons of cheese, double patties, onions and what-nots..)

Request was for the patty to be done med-rare of course. Juicy and thick, the homemade patty was very “dense” & compact, all meaty -packed and succulent.

I have always loved their soft, airy fries, and requested again for the garlic mayo ;p to go with it. Caramelised onions, runny egg, soft bun, thick slices of tomatoes and fresh lettuce made up one very satisfactory “bun”-dle of a burger!

Well, that’s all for now ;p
I spied a Negeri Sembilan cuisine place – Saleri Negro or something like that a few doors down. Someone told me it aint bad. Maybe next trip…

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