Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge, Bangsar Village I – the RM150 Degustation Menu

Thrilled from the fact that this outlet is owned by a friend, and also cos it’s new (I’m a sucker for trying out new outlets), I fervently awaited the opening of Garibaldi this month.

I got an unexpected preview HERE, and that has gotten me raring to visit for a full dining experience.

The menu differs for the lounge downstairs and for the dining area above. The “preview” I had during the AMEA & event was just the lounge menu. Upstairs, the menu entices with homemade fresh pastas & prime ingredients with the likes of Grade 8 Wagyu, white Alba truffles & cutlets of veal.

So, barely a week after Garibaldi opened its doors, I sat upstairs at one of its dining tables, a napkin placed over my lap, chewed on herbed Italian bread with extra virgin olive oil & leafed through it’s dining menu.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (2)

The fickle minded me couldn’t, as usual, decide in 20 mins what to have for dinner. Hence the option of the degustation menu. At RM150 ++, it offers smaller portions of similar items on the ala carte menu but in total of 6 different dishes. PERFECT.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (9)

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (10)

I had the beef carpaccio before at the buffet during the AMEA & event & was happy that I’m having a whole plate of it this time.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (3)

Pink, fresh & lightly drizzled with olive oil & sprinkled with cheese, the cuts here are thicker than the usual carpaccio preparations elsewhere. Nevertheless, both me & my dining partner loved it.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (4)

Homemade spinach pasta filled with Cod fish mousse in Saffron & mussels broth.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (5)

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (6)

We also enjoyed the sweet, flakish cod fish mousse encased within the homemade spinach pasta, though I did find the pasta skin a wee thicker than I would have preferred. Anyhow, everything else in the bowl was wiped clean, for it was a immaculately prepared seafood dish.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (7)

Homemade Tagliolini with braised Duck Ragu, Duck Liver Sage & Pumpkin.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (8)

As you can tell by now, we were starting to relax & felt assured of a positive outcome of our dinner. And the firm fresh tagliolini gently coated with the braised gravy of the duck & cubes of pumpkin was another delicious dish. I’m not sure if we would have enjoyed a whole bowl of it; for as you know smaller portions tends to be more satisfying since you only get a few bites of it, realized that it was nice, enjoyed the taste but it doesn’t leave you more to nitpick & complain about it!

Grilled King Prawns with Deep Fried Sage & Cannellini Beans Puree.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (11)

Bouncy crunchy prawns lightly grilled & imparting a light smoky flavour shows that fresh seafood is essentially all that you need. The sweet gritty puree of cannellini beans was interesting, shying away from the cliched sides of potato mash or pumpkin puree, & provided a contrasting texture to the overall dish. Oh, we chewed on the deep fried prawns heads & the sage leaves as well!

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (12)

Veal Scaloppini wtih Porcini Mushrooms Truffle Sauce.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (13)

The veal was another reason to dine here. Small tender cutlets of meat bathed in the fragrant porcini sauce, lightly scented with truffles, was wonderful eaten with the smooth mash & the accompanying side of mushrooms.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (14)

Dessert: Millefoglie. Flaky freshly bake puff pastry with decadent sweet cream & raspberries. Nothing to complain about really.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (1)

Petit Fours of fresh cream puff with chocolate topping.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (15)

Both of us agreed that it was an overall satisfying dining experience; where food was obviously immaculately prepared, ingredients were fresh & in harmony for each dish and it was certainly worth the amount we paid. I would recommend the degustation menu as a fair reference point for evaluating Garibaldi’s food. One can then decide from there if another visit for Garibaldi’s full portion menu is worthy. Service- wise it was exemplary; very efficient & unobrusive.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge
Lot10 & G22, Bangsar Village I
Jalan Telawi 1,
59100 Bangsar, KL.

For Reservations: +603 – 2282 3457.