Free Shiseido Makeover – Female Magazine issue April 2011

I got to know about this complimentary makeover + make up lesson from my fellow beauty bloggers Jess, Sharon & Kelly. Thank you babes, you gals rock! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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The deal is very simple, buy/steal/borrow an issue of Female magazine this month & look for the Shiseido booklet inside.

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One of the pages has this cut -out voucher. Your only investment is RM8 for the mag & RM80 for any Shiseido products and you are entitled for an one-on-one 30 min personalized make-up lesson with a Shiseido Colour Artisan.

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To top it all off, you’ll get a 5 pc gift set which includes the new Zen Eau de Parfum for Men & Women, a White Lucent Brightening Spot-Control Base, a little tub of foundation and a set sample of 6 colours from the Maquillage lip rouge range.

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Still very new to the art of make-up though I’m eeeerrr.. a few decades old (hehe) , I’m mesmerized time & time again with the end results I see from the power of using these beauty products.

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Yes, I’ve become an intolerable vainpot of late! On almost every weekend I’m at the malls trying out new beauty stuffs as well as taking part in just about every makeover I’ve heard of.

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With that much groundwork done, I have finally grasped the definition of base, primer, foundation, 2 way cake, powder, concealer, highlight powder, eyes highlights, the need for 10 different brushes and the concept of blend blend blend when it comes to the art of applying make up. LOL!

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It also helps if the make-upย artiste is very communicative & patient. My recent experience at Shiseido counter in Parkson Pavilion was exemplary.ย Angie, the Shiseido Artisan was simply wonderful. She comprehended my needs almost immediately. Her level of experience wasย indubitable as she listened, and then started selecting the perfect products & colours for my make-over session.

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We started off with Florence, who is one of the girls at the counter who assisted Angie to prep my skin for the make-over. My face was cleansed, hydrated & a layer of softener from the Shiseido White Lucent range was applied before the make-up base.

shiseido makeover rebecca-31

This was followed by the make up primer & the foundation.

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Then the rest of the focus was on the eyes. My eyebrows were trimmed and shaped, 2 different shades of eyeshadow were applied followed by careful blending and then the eye liner prior to fixing the false lashes into place.

shiseido makeover rebecca-26

shiseido makeover rebecca-10

shiseido makeover rebecca-13

shiseido makeover rebecca-12

I love the colours! Gold in the middle of the eyelid followed by both sides of shimmering green.

shiseido makeover rebecca-14

More eyeliner were applied after the lashes were fixed into place. To open up the eyes, Angie traced a bit of liner on the outer corners of my eyes.

shiseido makeover rebecca-01

And voila! ‘Instant’ effect of bigger eyes!

shiseido makeover rebecca-001

shiseido makeover rebecca-04

Done with the eyes, Angie dusted a few strokes of blusher on my cheeks for the pinkish glow.

shiseido makeover rebecca-21

I looked so darn pleased right? Hehehe…

shiseido makeover rebecca-18

Seriously, I’m enjoying this little self-discovery journey of mine. Playing with make-up. Dressing up. Partying. All done in the right doses & responsibly of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

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It’s a good feeling, being happy & pretty! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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The last part of it all – the lipstick.

shiseido makeover rebecca-29

I absolutely adore the Maquillage range of Rouge Enamel. The colour really lasted throughout the day though the lip gloss would have to be re-applied from time to time.

shiseido makeover rebecca-16

Since I have to buy RM80 worth of Shiseido products for this session, my default choice was a Maquillage lipstick – RM90. I’m using it everyday now!


More camwhoring pics!

shiseido makeover rebecca-07

Hahah.. Florence and Angie thought this is was funny!

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So ladies, what are you waiting for? Buy a Female mag this month & pamper yourself for that special day/night! I did this session for the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Party & had loads of positive feedback ๐Ÿ˜‰ .
Note: The voucher is valid til 30th April 2011.

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