Food Panda – an online delivery service in Malaysia.

As you know, as an all consummate foodie, I eat out all the time. If I’m not out hunting for culinary delights, I’m in the kitchen attempting culinary inspirations.
At times, work and weird eating schedule gets the better of me and I have food delivered instead. This particularly happens at the 3-6pm hours, when the local coffeeshops in my office area are taking a break.

When I said food delivered, I don’t mean Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, or Domino’s. I’m quite a snob and I hardly eat junk food. I prefer to consume proper, wholesome meals and the delivery services that I used are those that send food that are suitable to my dietary requirements.  The latest online food delivery service that I have tried out is FoodPanda. Relatively new in the industry, they do have quite a fair selection of restaurants.

I think they’re worth checking out, especially for those who are lazy to go out to get food, or dread going out due to the scorching hot weather.

Below are the steps I normally have to complete prior to an order.

The first thing you should do is key in the area you live in and hit “search now”. This step is important because there’s no point in selecting a restaurant that you would like to order from only to find out later that they do not deliver to your area.

2. For example, in TTDI, below is the list of restaurants that covers my area.

3. As you know, I am a huge pizza lover and Bravo Italiano caught my eye immediately. Anyways, once you’ve selected your restaurant,  click on “View Menu” to select your choice.

4. Make your selection and the table on the right will update your cart with the prices of your order. Once you’re ready, hit “Order Now”!

5. If it’s your first time ordering from FoodPanda, you’ll have to fill in the details required. This would be very convenient if you intend to use this service repetitively in the future as the system remembers your details and you won’t have to key in the same information all over again.

6.  Once I’ve hit the “Place Order Now” button, a pop-up box appeared within the page.

7. A 4-digit verification code was sent to my phone via SMS to confirm my mobile number, as to make sure that I wasn’t making a false order.

At 2.30 pm, I received a message which says that FoodPanda has received my orders, which was then directed to Bravo Italiano .

9. I received an SMS at 3.45 pm, informing me of the delivery time. It was already stated on the order form, but the text message was a form of assurance that my meal is definitely on the way now!

Finally my order arrived at my doorstep within an hour. I was rather impressed as the delivery service is very efficient and not a hassle at all. I might just continue using FoodPanda services in the future if I’m feeling too lazy.

My yummy food! :DD

Well, I have some good news for you peeps!

To the loyal readers of my blog, I am giving away a voucher code which will entitle you to a discount of RM5 at FoodPanda!

Just type in the promotional code when you place your order:  Rebecca5

This is only valid for the first 5 readers who use it, so it’s first come first served! (Valid for NEW sign-ups only). Also, Foodpanda  is having a Facebook contest : “Daddy Knows Food Best Contest” which will run from 11 June to the next month 12 July.

Facebook users just need to tag their friends (any number) and post a pic of a dish that best describes their dad’s.”

In order to submit entries, do comment it back on this post; or tweet them @ foodpanda_my

The winner will get a dinner for four in Gaucho Grill while the tagged friends will get RM5 vouchers each.

So yeah, let me know if you guys do check out Foodpanda! And use my voucher  Rebecca5! :DD

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