Food hygiene tips when travelling : Just another travel pointer from me

As you can see from my website, I love nothing more than exploring new countries and tasting new cuisines. However, I am always cautious and sensible when it comes to food hygiene. If you follow a few simple food hygiene steps, you can ensure your trip won’t be ruined by anyone falling ill.

Clean the germs away

Germs can spread very easily and it’s thought that your cell phone, PC keyboard and mouse have more germs on them than anything else you own. So when you’re travelling and you want to visit an internet café, be sure to clean the keyboard and the mouse before logging onto or Twitter. Then clean your hands before eating anything.

Order bottled water

The water from your home country is fine for consumption because you’re used to it. However, the water in other countries has a different composition and this could affect your body and make you ill. This is why it’s important to order bottled water when you’re travelling. In addition, do not ask for ice in your drinks because this will be made from tap water.

 Steer clear of shellfish

If you’re going to a buffet, avoid eating any shellfish as it may have been left out all day. Fish can cause food poisoning very easily.

Avoid ordering rare steak

It’s best to always ask for your meat to be cooked ‘well done’ because this will eliminate any possible bacteria. The standards in the storage of meats differs from country to country, so having your meat well done is the safest option.

Beware of the bread

Fancy restaurants will bring out fresh bread just for your table, however some casual and cheap diners leave bread out on the tables for some time. Flies and insects could have landed on it so it’s best to avoid the bread, even if it’s complimentary.

Hand hygiene

Always carry around a hand sanitiser gel and use as often as you see fit, especially before eating.


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