Food and Fun at Robson’s

Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant, tucked away in Taman Seputeh, just off the Federal Highway… nothing fancy, nothing loud.
You pay for the food, not the ambiance, the decor or the location.

Undoubtedly one of the better tai chows in town.
… the privilege of dining with those who knows their food and where to get the best..

For once, I’ve got no complains. I shall shut my gap and let the pics convince.

Pork Knuckle.

The oh-so-divine Honey Pork Ribs..

Salted Egg & Baked Salt Pepper Crabs.

Some carbs..Black Pepper Udon

laLa-la…Clams in Wine

Crispy Lemon Chicken

We foodies do not waste…

And not forgetting good crazy company..

You want more??
Check out Cumi&Ciki’s hilarious post!

Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant
10B, Jalan Permai,
Off Jalan Syed Putra, 50460 KL.

Tel: 03-2274 6216

And yes, I finally got my pics to the size I wanted..thanks to Boo and UnkaLeong! TQ TQ!!