FlexiRoam – Affordable International Roaming for RM10

FlexiRoam offers Malaysian Travellers Unlimited Roaming Service for a Significantly Lowered Rate!

Malaysia-based ReapField Technology has launched a roaming service called FlexiRoam at RM10/day for unlimited calls in 15 countries.

The 15 countries are:

Australia, Brunei, China,France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam.

How does it work?
Register & purchase credits from Flexiroam.com. Activate the service via SMS before departing from Malaysia.

Upon arrival at your overseas destination, buy a local sim card.

Activate FlexiRoam via SMS from your new number. Read how Flexiroam works over here.

FlexiRoam directs all calls from your Malaysian phone line to your foreign line while you are travelling overseas. This allows you to remain in contact through your Malaysian number while enjoying the privileges of making and receiving cheap calls on your foreign line. It also means there’s no need to inform your contacts of any new international mobile numbers.

1. Calls are unlimited for RM10/day, but users will still be charged at local rates (Malaysia) as calls from their actual mobile number (not your new country of destination number) are forwarded to the local Flexicall number in Malaysia.
Also users won’t be able to receive SMS as the mobile operators in Malaysia don’t support SMS forwarding. Read the limitation of Flexiroam here.

2. Flexiroam systems can’t promise to display the “Caller ID”. Their system are set to send Caller IDs to the foreign mobile operators but it is up to them to decide what to display. So when you receive calls, the display may show private numbers or some random numbers.

My personal opinion:
Dare I say Flexiroam is a good service but not so much for those who are very DATA roaming dependant? For instance, me. I probably need DATA more than anything. If I’m on Flexiroam overseas, I’ll still need to purchase another package just for data so perhaps FlexiRoam may not be the ideal roaming partner for me?
Let’s face it, how many of us (let’s just say the tech savvy, smartphone users) make calls often? I’ll probably call AFTER I have attempted BBM, Whatsapp, Twitter DM, email, FB msg (or write on the wall of their FB) & lastly, SMS.
If all the above fails, I normally assume that the person is unavailable & will then wait for his/her reply on any of the communication medium I had used above.

But then I’m only one person out of the whole human race out there. LOL.
Browse through ” how Flexiroam works over here” & decide for yourself if it’s suitable for you.

More on FlexiRoam’s service:
** Flexiroam leverages on the GSM network instead of Internet connectivity (3G or WiFi).
** For the convenience of travellers, they can top-up their FlexiRoam credits at KLIA and LCCT departure halls. There is also online payment facilities on FlexiRoam’s website.
** For corporate users, FlexiRoam also offers a RM2.75 per day rate under Corporate Plan
** ReapField Technology is an MSC status IT research and development company.

HAPPY DEALS: 1 million FREE roaming passes from FlexiRoam!

Throughout this September, FlexiRoam is giving away up to 1 million FREE roaming passes worth RM70 million for everyone.

Each free roaming pass allows user to make and receive UNLIMITED international roaming calls for up to seven (7) days when he or she travels overseas. (RM70 worth)

FlexiRoam’s website will showcase a featured country for that particular day and users will be able to grab a free roaming pass if they are travelling to the featured country between September 2011 to February 2012.

Kindly note that the featured country is updated daily so users can return and purchase multiple roaming passes to multiple countries throughout the entire month.

SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR BLOGGERS: Flexiroam’s first bloggers’ contest.


All a contestant needs to do to stand a chance to win is:

1. Blog about why the contestant would enjoy unlimited international roaming calls.
2. Include information regarding the 1,000,000 free FlexiRoam passes that FlexiRoam is giving away in the month of September 2011
3. Tweet his/her blog link with “#freeunlimitedroaming with @flexiroam” to qualify as a submission. (eg: I miss my mom when I’m overseas! I want #freeunlimitedroaming with @flexiroam http://bit.ly/xxxxx)

The most creative entries will be uploaded to FlexiRoam’s Facebook Page using Notes application where they will be available for public voting.
The entry with the highest Facebook ‘Likes’ will win an iPad 2 as well as RM100 Flexiroam credit and the second highest ‘Likes’ will win an iPod Nano as well as RM50 Flexiroam credit while the third highest ‘Likes’ will win an iPod Shuffle as well as RM30 Flexiroam credit.
The contest is open for submission from 1 September – 11 September 2011. Selected entries will be posted on FlexiRoam’s Facebook Page from 12 September – 25 September 2011 for public voting.

Below: Jef Ong, Founder of FlexiRoam at the bloggers launch event.

FlexiRoam Launch

So what do you think? Would you find Flexiroam suitable for you if you’re overseas?
FlexiRoam Logo


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