Fit Fab Kitchen: Healthy meal boxes delivery in KL

I’ve been toying around with recipes and weekly meal prep for some time. I first started about 3 months back to prep for 2 pax (me and another girlfriend) and it went on to become 5 pax and subsequently a business.
The thing about any business is; there’s bound to be competitors.
I have known of a few that provide lunch boxes delivery; but in the recent months, the number has TRIPLED.

fitfabkitchen - HCG diet lunch box delivery

After a while it didn’t seem so worthy of my time.
The grand idea of vacuum packing and weekly delivery (instead of daily) was mine. I certainly didn’t get this thought from anywhere else.
A lot of similar delivery service does it daily, and for me since I prep my meals once a week, every customer/friend who ordered gets it once a week too.
After this is not my primarily business. Those who know me knows that I have my hands in many many businesses.

fitfabkitchen - healthy lunch box delivery


Fast forward a month later (from our initial start date), business grew at a rate that it seems viable to make it a “proper” business with chefs, maids and a delivery team.
Like I said; “seems viable”.

But the number of competitors tripled, so I decided to focus on other concepts. The team agreed. In fact they were getting tired of the workload.

fitfabkitchen meals

fitfabkitchen - diet lunch box delivery

I have many more ideas. But I’m keeping them low now. Currently experiments and research takes up most of my team’s time.

We still cater for these meals; but only for a selected few clients. And mostly for HCG dieters, Blood Type Diet followers, high protein low carb and low carb high fat dieters.
We prefer to focus on special diets since there are so many “healthy lunch box delivery” businesses in the market now.

I wonder how long more before these competitors start copying us huh? As it is I already saw one doing so.
Ah well. Such is life. And the business world.