FINAL : Big Hug Burger – SS15, Subang – The comments

In continuation to my previous post on our meeting with the owner of Big Hug Burger Aidelle, this post serves to “explain” the comments on my FIRST post about Big Hug Burger.

Here goes.

My points are:
1. Those fans of Big Hug are not real.
No, I’m not saying Big Hug doesn’t have fans, but these ones are merely trouble-makers. True fans would feel slighted and even make defensive remarks, but I doubt they will resort to name-calling and insults. I’m sure Aidelle herself would not have condoned such actions.

2. I do not know how my post got Renyi or myburgerlab involved, considering that I haven’t even mention myburgerlab once within the post. But since it’s widely known that I’m a fan of mBL, I assume these “trolls” decided to attack mBL using mBL as comparison.
But since we know that all these “I used to work for you before“, “I heard from my friend Renyi is XXXX” and all the other “enemies” of mBL are actually commenting from the same IP address, do you think it’s credible after all?
I know 1 IP address doesn’t mean 1 person, it could be many sharing a network.
Then again, ask yourself. 6- 8 people using the same IP are all mBL haters? All ex staff? Some commenting within minutes of each other? Like seriously? Are they having burgers and taking turns to comment or what? Bloody troll picnic there huh?

I can tell you that 2 June 2013 – 7 commentators as below came from . Based on their comments HERE, how likely are they all in the same shop/house/company sharing a network? And on a SUNDAY?
1. exmbl staff – [email protected]
2. boy – [email protected]
3. terrence –[email protected]
4. selvester – [email protected]
5. isobel – [email protected]
6. zian – [email protected]
7. jojo –[email protected]

3. For those who had read my post and are like Desmond who actually believed that these commentators are real individuals and was concerned over “our youth”, I hope you find the screenshots below sufficient to lay your fears to rest.

Since there were so many comments, I won’t be showing you each and every one of them, but I have screenshot a few to prove my point.

For my 3rd visit, I went with Kevin (who went earlier), Rainier and KC.  Rainier, myself and KC commented on my blog using Big Hug WIFI.

I ran 2 IP checks, one on and another on
Both gave me the IP:



I left a comment on my own Big Hug Burger post.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 4.24.25 PM.png

Just to be sure, I commented on another blogpost –

rebecca saw comment on burgertory

Here’s the screenshots from my wordpress dashboard.
My comment and Rainier’s (rain) are at the most bottom. Our timing of commenting are circled in blue. The time we were at the shop enjoying our burgers.

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 1

You can see that Samantha started commenting at 10.36 pm, about the time we left the shop. Andy came into the picture; commenting from the same IP address at 11:16 pm.

Below shows my comment on Burgertory post as can be seen here –>
Below mine is KC’s comment in reply to troll, also posted from using Big Hug WIFI, with the same IP address.

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 2

At 12.47 am, “exmbl staff” joined in the fun. If you have seen the comments on my FIRST post on Big Hug Burger, Mr exmbl staff has posted pretty frequently. And he’s around Big Hug Burger shop, logging on to the WIFI at 12.47 am.
Then “dory” decided to call me a bad girl. Ahem. And that’s at 1:07 am.
*As below, per the red circles.

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 3

I munched on some popcorn and observed the drama from behind my laptop.
Mr exmbl staff replied to Desmond asking for 500000 to buy burgers from mBL at 1:18 am. Samantha came back at 1:24 am asking me why am I silent. She called me CHEAP, and asked God to forgive “her rude” and awake “her dear Rebecca”. Then she “thank god” and muttered a prayer- amen.
Well, I have to thank her God, or her. Cos I’m awaken. Awaken to write this post.

4 minutes later, Dory reappeared.

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 4

Samantha went on to call ulric a bitch at 1:48 am. Then another comment at 1.52 am. Geez, I must tell Aidelle to switch off her modem at night.

Samantha eventually went home (I guess) and posted one last comment at 2:04 am. Her housemate/husband/friend/daughter/whoever sharing her internet connection Anti MBL gave a comment too.
This is IP 175. 136.224. 225 (circled in blue).
The drama stopped as ulric needed to sleep. Now, please note the PURPLE circle for KennyNg – 3:16am. 

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 5

Which is the same as Fook below (also purple circle) at 10:52 am. Housemates? Office mates? They are certainly working late!

Next, David of – IP 175. 143. 58. 177.
He’s from Monash (as per black circles), has friends in Taylor’s, hates Renyi and claimed that I’m have now “become the most unpopular blogger”.
He commented a few times – 10:24, 10:36, 11:09, 11:12am. Thank you David for contributing to my daily page views. 🙂

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 6

Fitness david shares the same IP with Fatin Liyana (comments from 11:49 am to 1:19 pm).
Fatin has commented before on 3rd June but her IP was then – same IP as exmbl staff, boy, terrence, selvester, isobel, zian and jojo.
However, all of them ( exmbl staff, boy, terrence, selvester, isobel, zian and jojo) commented on 2nd June, a Sunday.
Wow, this is one big family.

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 7

Here, let me show you Fatin’s comments on 3rd June, Monday, between 8am – 9am + and from IP


Oh by the way, Zian must be friends of Fatin and David. Or from the same company? His/her comments were on the same day as David and Fatin (4th June) but from 1:31 pm to 2:03 pm.

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 8

Here is one last shot showing Fatin and exmbl staff sharing the IP

But the point of this screenshot below is about Samantha.
Remember that Samantha that was posting comments from Big Hug WIFI til 1:52 am after my visit? She has commented before on 3rd June – sharing same IP (175. 137. 12. 64) as Shu Wen. 
And guess what? They REPLIED TO EACH OTHER’s comments! LOL!!
*See the section circled in RED.  

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 9

My dear readers, I’m done with this drama.
I did my part and I have collected enough evidence over the past 6 days (post published on 29th and today is 5th June) to prove that 80% of the commentators are fake and most likely is the same bitter, disillusioned individual.
Records shows 1-3 more different IPs, which only means that she/he may be posting from a shop, home, office, etc.

I have accepted Aidelle’s invite and revisited again as paying customers. We chatted over burgers and gave our feedback again (blogpost HERE). I trust there is no animosity between us. After all, she did say she didn’t have much time to read my first post.

Should you feel that the other commentators who was supporters of myself and mBL are also unreal, leave a comment here.
I’m sure they would be checking this post as well. They might reply you if they feel there’s a need to answer your challenge of their identity. I won’t be revealing their IPs.

I’m now looking forward to Ramadan, mooncakes and an upcoming trip. I’m sure my readers and friends had been more than sufficiently amused with this drama.
There will be more burgers to eat, more blogposts to write, a lot more places to travel to and a hell lot more blunt, honest reviews like this in the future; invited sessions or otherwise.
You have the choice to ignore my writings if you find them distasteful.

This is my blog. Show some respect when you are in my domain.

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