FatBoy’s – the Burger Bar @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

FATBOY’S THE BURGER BAR, is now open on G2 next to San Francisco Coffee, right opposite Ben’s.

FatBoy's - the Burger Bar-2

No amount of directions given can prepare you for the maze that is Publika. So I’m not going try. You’ll eventually find your way around, after getting lost many times. :DD

I hope the management is going to do something about that. And do please make that SOON!


As you can see from the above, these lip-smacking burgers were good enough for me to revisit Publika. Publika looks set to be the next gastronomic destination in KL with titillating F&B joints opening up one after another.

I’m off to Jaya One for the Pop Chic Market! Will continue with my review tonight. Meanwhile, drool over the pictures! 😀

Jamaican Me Hungry. RM19.00
Jerk seasons bacon stuffed pork patty topped with sundried tomatoes, chewy bacon, homemade coleslaw and smothered with mayonnaise on sesame seed bun.

FatBoy's - the Burger Bar-5

FatBoy's - the Burger Bar-6

Bolly Wooly RM18.00
Juicy lamb patty, one a bed of lettuce and tomato, smothered with homemade curry remoulade and mango chutney on a honey oat bun.

FatBoy's - the Burger Bar-3

FatBoy's - the Burger Bar-7

Customise your own burgers.
This is FUN! We went crazy piling on almost everything! 

1. A “normal” beef burger (normal to our standards, hahhah)

Wholewheat – RM2.00
Bacon – RM3.00
Egg – RM2.50
Camemized onions – RM2.50
Capsicum Rings (RM2.00)
Emmenthal Cheese RM2.50
Fatboy’s Homemade BBQ sauce – RM1.00
Beef patty – RM12.00

FatBoy's - the Burger Bar-9

FatBoy's - the Burger Bar-13

FatBoy's - the Burger Bar-14
The beef patty was very juicy, moist and well seasoned.

FatBoy's - the Burger Bar-15

2. The Frankenstein– our self-named own monstrous burger!


Honey Oat Bun RM2.00
Lamb Patty RM13.00
Pork Patty RM11.00
Guacamole RM3.00
Wasabi Mayonnaise RM1.50
Smoked Chipotle RM2.00
Mango Chutney RM2.00
Grilled Bananas RM2.00
Beetroot RM2.50
Wild Arugula RM3.00
FatBoy's - the Burger Bar-10

FatBoy's - the Burger Bar-111
All burger comes served with the standard sides of lettuce, tomato, fries. All patties are medium well, unless otherwise stated.

For my sweet tooth – Mikshake – Chocolate, Baileys (barely discernable), banana.
FatBoy's - the Burger Bar-8
Prices are subjected to 10% and 6% taxes.
Our meal came up to total of RM152.00. There were 4 of us sharing, so each of us paid RM30+-, which was alright. What do YOU think? 🙂

Here’s the customizable burger menu:

FatBoy's - the Burger Bar


A burger fan? Read the below!! 

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Fatboys The Burger Bar
G2, Publika
Solaris Dutamas

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