Fab beauty deals on Hermo.MY – SK II, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Burberry & MORE!

High end, luxurious cosmetic skin care product like Laneige, SK II, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Burberry and Chrisitian Dior. Ever wanted to get those product item for a cheaper price? www.hermo.my has it and many more.

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If you’re wondering why am I suddenly babbling about cosmetics and skincare, well, I have a confession to make. This site (I’m referring to my blog obviously) has covered many of my interests, namely food and travel and my socialite life. Frankly, other than my gym and fitness obsession (which is a good point), I was chided numerous times by friends that I do not pay enough attention to my own health and appearance.

I have fairly good skin and I have been taking it for granted all this while. Things changed a bit recently as I passed my 30+ birthday just end of June. Damn, I’m aging. 🙁


A fair bit of makeup helps (this picture was taken last year) but since I’m an advocate of natural beauty (ahem, I’m too lazy to paint my face), I figured having good skin is a good start.

shiseido makeover rebecca-22-1

I’m using this Shiseido White Lucent + for the last few months and it worked fine for me.


From my travels recently I have been scouring the duty free shops in every airport I have to; Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport,  Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Taoyuan Taiwan airport to name a few. I find the items not really as cheap as I preferred.

Anyhow, www.hermo.my was my most recent discovery for online buying sites. What caught my attention was its concept and the reductions of  up to 20%- 40% off the market price for their featured cosmetic and skin care product.

All the products are 100% original!

hermo my .bmp

hermo my.bmp

Hermo provides flash shipping of issuing orders within 1 working day and by purchasing 2 free shipping product, all the other item being purchased will be free from shipping payment.  Besides that, Hermo has a 14 days refundable policy where opened and used products are refundable too! That’s a first I think. I don’t see any other sites offering that do you?

In addition to that, Hermo also do not charge the refundable postage fees and it is unconditional return.

Frankly I question the authenticity of the products but after all the assurances above I must say I was swayed as well.

Surfing around, I was dismayed that my Shiseido Lucent product is not available. But the ever popular is SK II is one of their best selling items so perhaps I should try that? Another item that caught my attention  is the Mask Customization Box. Normally a mask box will only have one type of mask from a  certain brand. At  Hermo, they offer a wide range of masks to choose from and you  form your very own mask box with different masks and brands.

Quite cool. You’re no longer restricted to purchasing just a single type of mask of a single brand when you can customize your very own Mask Box on hermo.my!

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Here’s the simple and straightforward sign-up form.  It is very easy to sign up at Hermo, just a few steps and you are in.

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Here’s some screenshots of some other items that I think are popular and would be worth a buy.

Hermo 7

Hermo 5

Hermo 6

Comments? What do think? Has any of you bought from hermo.my before? :DD

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