f.o.x. Make-up School @counter Launch – exclusively at Parkson 1U, Sg Wang & Sunway Pyramid


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Congrats all! Also, if you want to go together, we can go this Sunday – Parkson Sunway Pyramid from 12pm onwards as f.o.x. is having another event at the same time. I will be there! Come pick up your vouchers from me!


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A pretty good transformation yea?
The best part is, all that took less than 15mins! Yups, perfect for impatient females like me. Truth to be told, if I can do without make-up I would. But heck, one can’t deny the magic these beauty products wields.

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Just last Sun I was invited for the launch of f.o.x “Makeup School @ Counter”. f.o.x. stands for “fusion of expression” & apparently this brand is very popular with artistes &  celebrities in Taiwan.

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f.o.x “Makeup School @ Counter ‘s concept is simple. “@Counter ” simply denotes that your “make up lesson” takes place right at their store, at their make up counter. The make up lesson aims to provide anyone with the skills to create the look that they want, yet keeping it simple enough for them to re-create it on a daily basis and also proves that looking good doesn’t require hours of painting your face!

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f.o.x “Makeup School @ Counter” provides personalized makeup lessons where our Professional Makeup Artists will personally coach each customers to master a particular look in just a few minutes and at the same time update customers on the latest beauty trends and techniques, emphasizing on how to achieve a desired look.

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f.o.x Cosmetics Malaysia will initially start “Make up School @ Counter” with 2 programs targeting at teaching day-to-day makeup needs.
The 1st program which is a 15-minutes Express Class will enable individuals to learn making up specific parts of their face. These 15-minutes shorter lessons are aimed at providing for very specific needs of “getting it right” for individuals that has “somehow or somewhere I can’t get my eyes right” kind of feeling every time they put on their makeup, be it for work, play or for important occasions. Here, customers can choose what they want to master from a standard list of skills or to just simply tell our Professional Makeup Artists what they wish to learn.

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The 2nd program, the Premium Class which will take approximately 30 minutes are aimed at catering to individuals that are interested in learning a wholesome facial make up, ranging from basic day-to-day making up for work (or play) to making up for important functions or events.

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One certainly can’t complain of lack of choices, range of products nor colour for the f.o.x. cosmetics here in Malaysia.

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ICG, the local distributor has bought in the whole range of cosmetics, and that includes the skincare range as well.

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So, girls, (and guys if you wish) let’s go try it out!

What’s available for the f.o.x. Make- up School @Counter ?

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Where to find f.o.x. Make- up School @Counter ?
f.o.x Cosmetics Counters at Parkson Sunway Pyramid, Parkson One Utama and Parkson Sg. Wang.

To schedule an appointment, just call us at the following numbers from 10am to 6pm, Mondays to Sundays:
f.o.x Parkson Sg. Wang counter : 012-390 0108
f.o.x Parkson Sunway Pyramid counter : 012-390 1283
f.o.x Parkson 1-Utama : 03-7724 1587

Lastly, I’ve got TEN (10) complimentary make-up sessions vouchers to give away to my readers, which is YOU!

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Very simple, to win them, just leave me your best joke (it can be lame, stupid, etc) on this post. As long it makes me laugh, you might just win yourself one of these vouchers! 😉

Closing date: 31st March 2011.

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