Europe 2012 – Smoking Weed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

As you know from my FB and fan page updates, I had a blast touring France (Paris) – The Netherlands (Amsterdam) and lastly Antwerp in Belgium.

Covering 3 countries in 6 days was impossible; thus no doubt whatever I have seen and experienced is just the tip of each country’s culture and lifestyle. But I try to experience as much as I can within the limited timeframe I had, and being in Amsterdam where smoking marijuana is accepted and easily obtained in coffee shops everywhere in the city, it’s in my wackybecky nature to puff some before I head back to Malaysia.

The windmills, canals and beautiful historical buildings aside, I’l be lying if I say most of the tourists are here just for the sights. Do sight-see, but make time for some fun as well, responsibly of course.

I had a friend with me when I tried it, and I made sure to stop after a few puffs to let the effects settle in.
I got it captured on video too!

So, do you think I got stoned? :DD

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