Just last Saturday was the official launch of DREAMS STUDIO in SS15 Subang & to commemorate the official opening, live performances of Fly Yoga, Pole Dancing and Burlesque were demonstrated.

**All videos taken with the Samsung HMX – Q10. It was my first time using it & I’m checking with Samsung on the sound issue.
Anyhow, pole dancers & Burlesque Christina Aguilera wannabes   – look no further! Monthly classes of once a week is RM160.
For more info, you may contact Ms Reiko Soo from the details I’ve listed at the bottom of the post.

Video: 2 performances of POLE DANCING & one Burlesque performance. 

FLY YOGA. Looks awesomely cool doesn’t it?! :P

**FLY Yoga is a low impact and light method using a fabric hammock known as the FLY hammock to help provide a total body strengthening and stretch activity. It’s Yoga with the new twist!!


Venue: No 37C, Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya.

e: [email protected]
mobile: 017 – 3311 688

About the founder:
The founder & master trainer here at the Dreams Studio is Reiko Soo, a graduate from Malaysia Yoga Society & an experienced trained & Yoga enthusiast. She has been refining her art for 8 years, and was trained under the tutelage of renowned Master Manusekaran, President of MYS & Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructor.

Reiko also cuurently teaches all pole classes at DREAMS. She is also one of the judges fro the polestar championship semi-finals round.

1 dream studio

The place can be hard to find.
Just make sure you’re at the same row as Tutti Frutti, GongCha, Pappa Rich. Walk towards The Big Mouth restaurant. On the same row as The Big Mouth Restaurant, look for the Double A Copy Centre. Take the flight of stairs besides the shop to go up to Dreams Studio.

So, who wants to go for a trial lesson with me??


  1. says

    I wanna tryout the trial! I know where the studio is.. Which trial class are they giving out though. I hate hamstering in the gym so thinking of something fun to lose all this flab. T_T

    • Amira says

      Fly yoga is good for those who suffer frm back pain, it helps to release stress frm your back.
      Just be sure to inform your instructor about your medical condition :)

  2. happy cat says

    Can i have the classes time table?what is actually fly yoga?i had join vinyasa,hatha n hot yoga before but this is my first time heard of fly yoga. :-)

    • Amira says

      We have class on tuesday, wednesday and saturday. To find out more p,s visit our face book page :)

      FLY Yoga is a low impact and light method using a fabric hammock known as the FLY hammock to help provide a total body strengthening and stretch activity. FLY Yoga teaches coordination and concentration, as the FLY hammock takes yoga poses to a new level.  It uses gravity and body weight training so you would use more brain neurons and muscle fibers compared to ground or mat yoga and even aqua exercises. It is an innovative program that blends the beneficial elements of traditional yoga methodology with the basic conditioning of aerial arts. Fly Yoga is designed to incorporate the balancing and stretching components of yoga with the strengthening and exhilarating components of aerial arts, making it a challenging yet fun and relaxing exercise with numerous therapeutic and physiological benefit

      Do come for a trial class :)

  3. belinda says

    hey , i wanna ask how much is the fees for pole dance. i wanna learn the basic till pro .how much is it? i wanna learn fast. can you text me. i really want to learn it urgently (: thanks .btw my number is 0163470406 (: thanks

  4. Liz says

    Hi, any idea if fly yoga may aggravate a medical condition called vertigo? Contradicting info given to me. Some say it worsens vertigo as there are spins and somersaults. But I also read that yoga may be beneficial for vertigo.

  5. April L says


    Do u know of any classes that does what you meant by pole dancing then? Am looking for those. THks :)

    • veronica wong says

      hi i would like to know whats the class fee per month? how many classes in a week? please contact me through email or at 0105662177. thank you so much.

  6. Diyanna Kong says

    Hi , Can i know how much for pole class ? mind give me a call . i would like to know more details and Dream Dance Studio and Viva Vertical is same?
    0162900347 (Diyanna Kong) Thanks :)


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