Dissappointing apam made up by Nasi Lemak ‘Ganja’, Jalan Athinappan, TTDI

This hunt has been on-going for months.

There wasn’t much information that could be found on google searches, except for a mention or two of it’s general location, how good it is & the addiction (hence the name) that follows after the initial taste.

Some people I spoke to knew about it, most don’t. Those who knew about it warned me of eccentric opening days, delicious sambal & his phantom opening hours. But they couldn’t tell me EXACTLY where his stall is; just “at the bus stop along Jalan Athinappan, near the TM building“.

Left with not much choice but a strong kiasu need to taste this ‘grrreeaatt” nasi lemak, I made several attempts to seek him out. His opening hours are a challenge enough, for at 10pm I’m more drowsy then hungry. And each time I went, I had to drive along the whole stretch of Jalan Athinappan looking for a bus-stop with a lone stall selling Nasi Lemak.

Few weeks ago I was in the vicinity again. Though for a different purpose.

Our hunt was initially for this.

The apam stall near Devi’s at TTDI. For his famed durian apam.

TTDI Apam at Devis2

(excuse my pics, but my P & S camera seem to be acting up lately..)

I was there early, (at 9pm) as I was very hungry. I took some pics & ordered a Egg, Cheese apam to hold the hunger while waiting for the rest of the gang who is supposed to join me for this APAM TwitUp. Our main goal was to eat the durian version together. Unfortunately that night, Mr Assistant decided to close shop at 930pm due to some unforeseen circumstances! What a let-down!

Anyhow, back to my apam. I remembered reading on masak-masak’s blog that the apam is cooked using charcoal so I was quite taken back when I saw the gas stove. Anyhow, the dude (who is not the original Chubby Law but intro-ed himself as his assistant) said the change is due to requests by their regulars who feels that charcoal is un-environmental friendly. Hey, I’m all for the environment, but.. but???! WTH?!

My BURNT apam didn’t improve my mood for sure. See the edges?

Devi Egg & cheese Apam

But it does look good doesn’t it? Ok la, the apam batter was nice and sweet. I’m a sucker for eggs so the runny egg made it better. The so-called Australian cheese (see menu below) is Kraft slice cheese and that blardy apam cost me RM4.80.

There’s even franchising opportunity!

TTDI Apam at Devis

Apom Stall at the side of Devi’s Corner
Persiaran Zaaba
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Kuala Lumpur

Open from 9pm to 2am daily. To book your apom ahead, call Chubby Law at 019-2800698.

The disappointed gang then resorted to Devis’ thosai and milo ais while I started ranting about my again failed excursion in seeking this Nasi Lemak Ganja. Fortunately, lucky me hit the jackpot that night.
Apparently, Auzani, one of our members that night knows exactly where it is. WOOOOHOOO!!
Apparently also, my timing was off.  He is open only by 1030pm. Not 10pm. That explains why!

So 2 of us crazy Nasi Lemak addicts went to hunt for it again while the rest waited at Devi’s.

And yes!! It was open!

Ok, my P & S camera is really bad at night shots. Or it could be me all shaky hands cos of the anticipation 😛

TTDI  nasi lemak,Jln ATHINAPPAN

Yup, it is really at the bus stop!

They have quite a bit of variety. Curry chicken, mutton, vegetables & etc. And there was a constant stream of customers while we were there.  Business is definitely good.

stall at bus stop, jln ATHINAPPAN

It is strictly ta-pau. Unless you want to sit at the bus stop itself and eat. 😆

We tapaued (take-away) 7 packets, all with their famous sambal sotong. Each was RM3.50 (I can’t really remember but it was in usual nasi lemak price range).

NL sotong

I do not fancy sambal sotong so mine was with a piece of ayam masak merah.

TTDI  nasi lemak ayam

Though it is “No Outside Food” at Devi’s, there were kind enough to allow us to eat at the premises. The reason could also be that hot babe Arystle is the “mayor” (FourSquare) of Devis’ TTDi since she is there almost every night 😛  She even asked for cutleries for us! 😮


It was above -average for me. The sambal did have a bit of sting, and the rice fragrant and so forth. But seriously, nothing great enough to blow your diet for (eating at 1030pm at night!) .  In any case, this still beats the mamaks and even the famous Maybank one.

Nasi Lemak Ganja
Pak Anuar – 016 964 8956
Opening hours – 1030pm to 1am (or til
sold out)
Mon to Friday only.
(opens on whim so please do call 1st)

My favourite Nasi Lemak in the morning is still this: Warung Kak Sinar at Chan Sow Lin & Nasi Lemak Wisma Genting, Jalan Sultan Ismail.

At night? Well, this one is good, while the one at Maybank is so-so and I have yet to try the Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang Lorong at Jln Syed Putra Kiri (Off Federal Highway).