Dinner – Pantai Timur Cafe, Paya Terubong – PENANG

After a very dismal snack of Tanjung Malim’s Yik Mun’s pau , we landed in Pg and headed straight for dinner at a place VERY highly recommended by Ken.

Ahh… what is Penang if not for her hawker food….

Each one of us forked out RM30, left it in the middle of the table & all food was paid from the pile. We left the ordering to Ken at first, as he had certain favourites that he wanted us to try.

After patiently waiting for the cam-whoring to be over, I dug into the first dish that arrived.

Fried Spicy Rice – RM3.00

Darn good stuff~ nice and spicy. Served with clear tom yam soup (additional RM2.00) with a mid-sized prawn and cuts of squids.

And.. of course we ordered seafood..
Fried “tan” kam heong style , with curry leaves, onions and dried shrimps. RM10.00
Grilled Stingray – RM10.50

Soft and juicy clams…
Deep fried Mackerel with soy sauce, coarsely chopped garlic and bird eye chillies – RM3.50 each

The fish was first sliced into half, but still in one piece, and deep fried till crisp. Simple, yet just perfect with the bird eyes chillies and soy sauce.

Belacan fried rice – RM3.50

This dish was actually complimentary. (Shows how influential Ken of FoodPOI.com is!) The stall owner remembers him by name and even remembers his favourites!

As for the rice, it was very aromatic indeed..and to me, the best part!
Sides includes tender slices of beef in dry curry, julliened green mangoes (sour and adds a twist to the dish), chopped peanuts for crunch, sweet boiled prawns and fried scrambled eggs.
Mix it all up and each mouthful was most satisfying! Savoury, sweet, crunchy and sour. A medley of flavours & textures that left us craving for more.

It’s Penang, we are in Penang, Penang food is good.. it was as if there was some kind of chant going on in our minds..

So we ordered….
Otak-otak – Nyonya – RM2.00

and ordered….
Chee Cheong Fun – 2 rolls for a small portion – RM1.60
and ordered…
Chai koay – RM0.80 each. Yam cake – RM1.00 each.

And a slight variation of the Oh Chien (oyster pancake), this is fried with small lala, instead of the standard juicy oysters.

With barely any room left in our stomachs, we added an order of Curry Mee, we just couldn’t resist it as the stall was just right in front of our table!
We also told her “Ka liow ai” meaning “All want”! ;p

For RM5.60, we got a huge bowl overflowing with tau pok (beancurd puffs), fishcakes, chicken kidneys, 1 piece of curry chicken, cockles, chewy squids, long beans, potatoes and beansprouts.
Not the best I have tasted but still good. The coconut milk stock was just lacking in “ooopmmmhh”!

Tom yam fried bihun with seafood – RM3.00This one was also sadly not up to mark, somehow lacking in body and aroma, with nary a taste of tom yam flavour. Too mild for our preferance. BUT for RM3.00, there was an abundance of seafood in there! Still worth the $!

Stomachs bulging, and definitely more than satisfied with dinner; put us all in a good mood. All thoughts of disappointing paus forgotten, we headed to our respective homes for a good night sleep, with plans for breakfast already made and confirmed! ;p

To be continued..