Delicious Roast Pork Noodles & Robert Char Kuey Teow, Taman Megah

Often, simplicity is best.
The chinese condiments of soy sauce never failed to work wonders for a dish. A bit of this, and a dash of that, then a flurry of shallots over the top & there have you a tasty noodles dish.

This particular stall in Restaurant Megah Good Luck, Taman Megah gussies up their simple noodles with soft, crackly – top siew yoke (roast pork) & at your request, a ladleful of watery but aromatic curry.

Roast pork noodles stall
siew yoke w curry

The blanched noodles & bean sprouts (taugeh), drizzled with of their own mix of soy sauce & some spring onions made the base for this dish of RM4.50. The result is a simple, delicious & economic lunch item that never fails to satisfy.

siew yoke w soysauce

Unka loves his with curry, & the mix of soy sauce & curry certainly adds a new dimension of taste to the dish.

siew yoke w curry1

Another reason to drop by was to check out Robert’s Char Kuey Teow after my mid – week lunch tryst at Say Huat Restaurant in Section 17, PJ.
Apparently Robert has branches all over PJ, & I couldn’t resist a comparison.

tmn megah CKT

Here, his protege dishes out quite a mean plate of char kuey teow; which although is good, can’t hold a candle to Robert’s at Say Huat’s.
hmm… How should I put it? It tasted almost the same but it ain’t the same? 😉

Robert CKT - Tmn Megah

But of course, if you are in Taman Megah, this version is almost as good as it gets.

Robert CKT - Tmn Megah1

Unable to resist economy rice, I heaped myself a plateful of my favourite items; stir fry vegetables, sting ray in sour assam curry (not very fresh), sweet & sour pork ribs (more batter than actual pork) & chinese cabbage with fermented beans.

econ rice

And, yes, there IS rice underneath all that ;p

For foodies wanting to try something out of ordinary, this stall promises some twists to decades old creation of Sarawakian favourites.

sarawak noodles stall

Needless to say, I ordered something to try, and my RM4.50 Tomato Mee was a pure disaster; or to me at least it was.

tomato mee

It reeked heavily of MSG, & was way saltier than necessary. I thought that it is such a shame really, for tomato mee isn’t something commonly available in KL/PJ & it would have been a wonderful addition to the hawker fare we are accustomed to.

tomato mee1

This restaurant is also the PJ branch for Imbi’s Soo Kee Sang Har Meen at night.
For lunch, the roast pork noodles is highly recommended. The chicken rice stall does brisk business too & would probably be my lunch on my next visit 😉
Restaurant Megah Good Luck
Address: Jalan SS24/11, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(It is right behind Fatty Crab and is on the same row as RHB Bank)
Operating Hours: Daily (7am-2pm)
Restaurant Megah Good Luck