Day 2 – "My Spy" starring Hannah Tan, Daphne Iking and Carmen Soo

How can one be soooo exhausted from doing nothing??

Being an extra is basically, well.. waiting.. then stand here, then there, then again here. Occasional walk to there, reverse, walk back, smile.. talk crap to the one next to you (purely for the act of enjoying yourself being at an exclusive art gallery). Yup, and then hope that the camera did swing your way so you can proclaim “That’s me!! There, there.. saw me or not??? No no, don’t blink, else you’ll miss it!” to your friends once the movie is out.

Morning call was 9am at the crew’s inn, we only managed consciousness by 8am.
Walked a short distance over to the inn for our pick-up.Real “kampung” (village) feel..

Breakfast was unimaginative, of which by now I have gotten an idea of the “gourmet” spread we will be served daily.


Yes!! Bread!

Our breakfast..

Ahh.. today difference’s is that the 3 leading beauties will be on set.
So we are told to change immediately into our designated costumes and make-up done ASAP so the main actresses will have the room to themselves once they arrive.

During my turn, I thought I saw Carmen herself. This Carmen-look-alike walked in, took a bottle of red nail polish and sat down beside me and proceed to paint her nails bright red.
Told myself that it can’t be her, for 2 reasons.
One, this girl ain’t that hot. Not like on the mag covers and TV. She is dark too, and complexion-wise, ain’t perfect.
Two, she is fat. ok.. maybe ermm..plump.

Ignoring her, and telling myself that luckily I didn’t embarrass myself by calling her Carmen, I wondered how it is possible that there could a girl with bears such an uncanny resemblance to Carmen. Maybe she can make a career for herself as Carmen’s double, I thought to myself. If she lose the fat and slather whitening cream every night for 3 months anyways.

Hannah arrived shortly after breakfast so we chatted and exchanged stories while she gets her make-up done. She introduced me to Daphne Iking, who is very vivacious and bubbly. Fun person to be around with really.

It was then that I got to know the cast better, AC was a riot.

Then I asked about Carmen, and oh my god…Hannah pointed to the Carmen-look-alike girl. “Surprised” was an understatement to my reaction then.

So not-so-hot and average looking people out there, not all hope is lost. Whoever invented make-up deserves a Noble Prize. Hell, throw in a Laurette as well.

Now, good thing for me to have a make-up artist as a house mate, no? Hehe.. I’m a make-up convert now. A total believer.

We waited. The shoot only started after lunch.

Some pics from the scene we shot.
Yup, not much pictures cos… that was it. That shot. And only that shot. Sometimes from a different angle but still it’s that shot.

below: one of the scenes..

Light moment on the set, with Afdlin cracking jokes as he explains the scene – he’s a cool dude

I don’t think I need to name them do I?

I did mention that the set today has no air conditioning on right? Good for me but no worries, the main actresses gets a fan to keep cool.. ;p

Taking a break in-between hours of waiting..

No movie would be possible without the crew

Teatime came and went.

The french toast was yummy..

Bubur pulut hitam..

Continued with shooting..

Only managed to break for dinner at 10pm! Jesus…
Yes.. almost felt like a short famine then. ( I can’t find my pics of dinner.. maybe I was too hungry?)

Continued with the shoot.. everyone was tired but all was professional and no one complained.

Muhd Khairol Askor – First Assistant Director and right: Cameraman (didn’t manage to get his name..)

Finally at 1130pm it was a wrap. Change out from our costumes, waited for vans to be allocated to take us back to our “hotels”. ..And finally hit the sack at 1am..

Anyone still keen to volunteer as an extra for the next local production?