Customising my own IKEA wardrobe for less than RM1,000!

Ever since moving to my new place I had needed a wardrobe. But it can’t be a normal 2 door cupboard as I have an insanely mountainous amount of clothes!
Unfortunately even with such an abundance of outfits, I’m still plagued daily with the same dilemma as any other female; where we stood in the middle of our room and threw our hands up in exasperation muttering “Urghh! I’ve got nothing to wear today!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Because I was saving up for an oven, I ignored the heaps of clothes strewn everywhere; in the living room,in the laundry basket and of course, in the room. After a while, I grew intensely infuriated as I ended up wearing the same thing over and over again or I just couldn’t find the exact item I know I own but missing whenever an occasion calls for it.
Finally I decided to hop into IKEA to check the prices for a wardrobe. I had also wanted to research on the some of the items I saw during my trip to Ikea Paris and The Netherlands to make a comparison if IKEA in Europe is cheaper than Malaysia and also if their range of furniture are any different.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-045

I should have posted on my “foreign IKEA visits” earlier but was stopped due to remarks of irrelevant content by the IKEA here. Anyhow, who wants to keep reading about Ikea at IKANO Power Centre? I’m sure my article on Ikea Paris and The Netherlands are going to be as interesting if not more. Thus that will be posted soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

The wardrobe section of IKEA at IKANO Power Centre was never an interest. I walked past it, glanced at a few items, longed for one of the 3 sliding doors set but never gave it a serious thought.

BELOW: These walk-in wardrobes are going to be a reality one day! ๐Ÿ˜€

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-043

I personally thought this one is space-smart but ugly. At any rate, I wouldn’t pay RM2,206 for it!

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-039

With white being my favourite colour, I was leaning towards something like this. But for RM2,021, it doesn’t even come with sliding doors. ๐Ÿ™

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-041

Here’s another one, white and slightly cheaper.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-038

A large sliding door wardrobe was going for somewhere between RM2K – RM3K. I looked around for more options and was shortlisting my selection when an IKEA staff gave me the idea of customising my own.

What? I didn’t know I could do that!
And it sounded like a perfect solution to my woes, for I know exactly how I want my wardrobe to be like and through customising, the budget would be within my control as well.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-042

It all started when I finally decided on getting one that has sliding doors and was priced below RM1,500.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-030

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-031

I thought it was a bargain; though I didn’t like the shelves as most of my clothes are not folded but hung to avoid creases.
So I asked one of the IKEA staff if there’s any way I can remove the shelves so I can make space for more rails to hang my hangers. Perhaps something like the below, I illustrated, where one side has 2 rails and thus giving me more space to hang my dresses.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-033

In true IKEA fashion, the helpful staff told me to customise my wardrobe from scratch instead.ย  She told to follow the steps outlined in the “customise your wardrobe” section; where Step 1 requires you to select your wardrobe frame, followed by Step 2ย where you select your doors.ย Step 3ย is when you start to add the shelves, rails and knick-knackers to make your wardrobe space suited to your needs.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-049

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-051

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-059

Step 1 and 2 was easy though sadly there were no sliding door option. For Step 3, the helpful lady advised me on the railings I need, the amount of hinges and the measurements as well as the price.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-048

Everything were calculated in the system and items were added or deleted according to my budget.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-052

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-055

Once I’m satisfied, a printout detailing my requirements is printed out and I’ll have to sign my consent.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-056

BELOW: The section where all the door handles for the wardrobe are.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-058

The only thing I had to bring along with me to pay at the cashier was the door handles (RM25 each x 2). ย I have requested for the rest of the items to be sent to my house.

Thus after checking out, I headed over to the Home Delivery section with my printed order and filled in the necessary details such as the convenient time and date delivery date.
Here an additional RM65 was charged for the delivery service.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-066

On the morning of the appointed date, I got a call confirming the time and an assurance from the delivery team that my item is “shipped”. Pretty reliable, I told myself as I put the phone down. ๐Ÿ™‚


The delivery arrived on the dot as promised and the helpful dispatch boys unloaded and bought the items into the house. They placed them at the exact location I requested.


I was rather excited and asked my friends to help me assemble it. The wardrobe is rather tall and heavy so some brawn was needed. ๐Ÿ™‚



Instructions from the booklet was straightforward enough and so we got the frame assembled pretty quickly. However, getting it up to stand was a task oversimplified. In the process, one of the sides gave way and the wardrobe was spoiled!


ikea ikano power center rebeccasaw (2)

ikea ikano power center rebeccasaw (1)

I was upset, and called for more brawn but this time withย brains.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-070

The 2nd reinforcement team fixed the problem by using another set of connecting points. Well, I wasn’t going to buy a new one so luckily that worked.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-075

The rails and hinges for the doors were the last to be fixed.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-076

The rails were RM20 each and I fixed 3. No shelves or compartments required.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-069

The almost final product!
We were all really anxious while trying to get it to stand. Thankfully, nothing untoward happened and with 3 persons, we pushed it up; all the while holding on to all of its corners just in case the connecting points gave way again.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-072

Finally, a happy girl with her wardrobe!

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-073

Now that it could stand, we continued with the doors.

IKEA Wardrobe 2012-077

So what do you think? :DD

ikea wardrobe - rebeccasaw

3 rows of clothes! Wheeeee! I’m still working on hanging up all my clothes, ironing about 10 outfits per day. So that is not all!