Cooking with Jasmine rice – the Basmathi variety

I have been very sick lately. And severely fatigued for no reason. If you have noticed, I had stopped eating burgers and I’m glad the ramadan reviews are over for this year. I still eat out (one can’t beat the convenience of that) but I’m making small changes to my diet as a whole. No I won’t give up my steaks, burgers and cakes completely, but I will replace a meal each day with something home-cooked.

Jasmine Rice

I have been cooking porridge very consistently as it is such an easy food on the stomach, easy to digest, stomach-warming and healthier too. I cook mine without meat and for a one pot meal, it takes only about 30 minutes to cook.

Today I have a packet of Jasmine Basmathi and I’m wondering if that is suitable for porridge. I know basmathi is popularly used for briyani but since my aunty is more enthusiasticΒ on the idea of chinese cooking, we thought we will attempt our local chinese chicken rice with the basmathi. I expect the rice to turn light and fluffy even with chicken stock and oil added. Other than that, I have an idea for another “interpretation” of the chicken rice. But we are cooking tomorrow so you will have to wait to see the final result! πŸ™‚

Anymore ideas for me for the basmathi?

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