Club Med Bali – I did the flying trapeze!

It’s my 3rd day at the Body and Soul: Four Colors in Four Days Program and I’m having a blast! 🙂

Body & Soul -003

Body & Soul -004

There are just so much to do here!
For a health and fitness fanatic like me, all I did was one exercise after the other; starting in the morning with yoga, beach walk, windsurfing, kayaking, dance, aqua aerobics, drums and it goes on til at night where I’ll just drop on my bed exhausted.
But please don’t be startled! There are many activities and programs going on throughout the day in Club Med and you can select your own itinerary; to take it easy or just join in the fun during any ongoing program.  Even for me, although I was given an itinerary; I could opt out on any of them or decide to join a different one if I wish.
In Club Med, you do what you want as you like as long you’re happy!

For today, I had a good ying yang ball yoga session, went kayaking, did Aqua Aerobics and then I went for the flying trapeze at the Circus area.

8.00 am:

Rebecca saw 1ying yang chi ball - club med bali rebecca saw

9.30 am:

Rebecca saw 1kayaking club med bali rebecca saw-001

11.30 am:

club med bali - aqua aerobics - rebecca saw

This is my FIRST ever trapeze experience (yes, this one on video!) and I managed to swing my legs up and pretty much did everything I was supposed to do. It helps to be FIT! 😀

This was the 2nd atttempt and I did it again! 🙂

Club Med Bali - flying trapeze - rebecca saw

Rebecca saw 1Club Med Bali - flying trapeze - rebecca saw

Rebecca saw 1Club Med Bali - flying trapeze - rebecca saw-001

The next level is “The Catch”, where you are supposed to swing and arch yourself to be caught by an instructor on the other end while your legs leave the current bar you’re on.

I’m afraid I did the flying trapeze 4 times today and got too tired by the time the “Catch” session came on at 5pm. Perhaps I’ll try it tomorrow again if my schedule allows it!

So would you have tried the flying trapeze if you have the chance? Are you an adrenaline junkie too?? :DD