Chika Pow Wow – a genuine, fun, and reliable online auction site

An avid techie, I follow technology developments closely and I buy way too many gadgets for my own good, all when it was newly launched.

The feeling of getting your hands on a mint new gadget, powering it up and exploring its power and capabilities. Awesome! :DD


Yes, that’s tech addiction for you.

But I’ll let you in on a secret; I always buy my gadgets at better rates than retail. One of the ways is via bidding sites.

Knowing my affinity for such buys, a friend told me about this new online auction site.

Chika Pow Wow

It has a really cheeky theme!

From the name of the bidding site to the website design and even the tokens used to place bids is cute and all in the theme of fun.

ChikaPowWow (yes, that’s the name, I kid you NOT!) aims to separate themselves from other bidding sites by providing a platform which is reliable and dependable through strong ethics and integrity.

Well, online auction sites are a dime a dozen, but for any online transaction that I do online, my priority starts with the security features. passed, for now.

Since I haven’t transacted yet, I decided that I’ll just explore its interface for now.

The site is actually offering new products which aren’t available in Malaysia yet, such as the Monster headphones from USA (highlight it’s the Bluetooth version of Solo HD which is currently only available in the USA). So, ChikaPowWow would be an ideal site for tech geeks who are looking for cool, imported gadgets.

The mantra of ChikaPowWow is Fun, Excitement, and Bargain, and they aim to provide an alternative shopping experience to users.

From what I could gather, the steps to participate in the auction is fairly simple. All you have to do is choose a product that you want, purchase tokens which are called Chika tokens, start to Pow (which means bid in their language) and when the auction closes, then you win – Wow! Hence, the name ChikaPowWow!

chikapowwow play

I registered an account for myself. As expected, the Register button is on the top right corner of the page.

Chika Pow Wow register

After filling in the necessary details and submitting them, I received this message.

ChikaPowWow Message

I clicked on the verification link in my email, and a confirmation code was sent to me via SMS, which I had to use to key in on the site. SMS

ChikaPowWow Verification

Then, I was led to my account page, thus I started exploring around.

Chika Pow Wow Account Page

There is a selection of avatars which you can choose from, which I find really cute.

Chika Pow Wow Avatar

Hmmm.. all seems well.

Based on the site, the products they offered are mostly tech gadgets. And the price of the final bids are really small, with people winning an iPad 2 with just RM1.00!

Well, I won’t complain getting an iPad for RM1.00. After all, who wouldn’t want to grab great products at great offers?

So yes,Β  I’ll update you guys once I start bidding! Let’s see what new gadgets can I add to my collection πŸ˜›

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