Penang Char kuey teow – Sisters Place, Pacific Place, Ara Damansara PJ

It would seem that I am on the char kuey teow trail, since I just posted about char kuey teow yesterday.

It is a coincidence really, because my favourite food is definitely not char kuey teow. It so happened that I was at Sisters’ again this evening and this marked my 2nd visit this year to try the much acclaimed char kuey teow.
My conclusion? The char kuey teow here is not impressive.

Not at all.


It lacked wok hei, the kuey teow was lumpy and the flavours was merely decent.
It was tasty enough for me to eat it, but not enough to urge revisits.

1st visit: 16th January 2016.




2nd visit: 21st April 2016. 


Why was I here twice then?

Well, my visit in January left me unimpressed but I’ve personally felt that it is only fair to give it another try before speaking my mind.

I’ve learnt over the years to give eateries second chances, unless of course, my experience on my first visit is beyond terrible.

Having said that, my verdict for this Sisters char kuey teow is “decent at best”.
No doubt it is much better than most “Penang char kuey teow” in the whole of PJ but I disagree that

Anyhow, what can you expect for RM8.50?
2 prawns (1st visit), 3 prawns (2nd visit). Beansprouts. Egg. Some cockles. Chives.
No lap cheong.


You could upsize it for RM13.90 with additional cockles, squid and prawns but like I’ve said before, I don’t care for all that.
What I want is a good flavoured kuey teow with wok hei, beansprouts, egg and if possible, juicy cockles.

Now I’m not condemning this place in case hardcore fans get offended.
I’m just saying that the char kuey teow here isn’t to my preference. I haven’t tried many other dishes here and I would do so if I’m in the area again because who knows, I might like the chee cheong fun or the curry mee.

Below: Chunks of fried egg hence my kuey teow wasn’t coated with much egg.


Cockles were small and the kuey teow clumpy at parts.
I thought it was a bit greasy too, but not to the point of being inedible.


One of the dish that I actually enjoyed was the Hokkien Char, a dish not common in KL.
For RM8.50 I was happy to be able to savour my favourite Hokkien Char complete with a punchy sambal.

So if I have to recommend a dish here, the Hokkien Char would be my pick.



Sisters Place (facing Evolve Mall the new mall beside Pacific Place)
Unit D-01-02, Block D, Jalan PJU 1A/4A,
Pacific Place Ara Damansara,
47301 Damansara, PJ, Malaysia

Contact : +603-7859 6128
Hours : DAILY – 9am- 11pm hours.

Sisters Place @ USJ16
11, Jalan USJ 16/2G
47630 PJ, Malaysia.
Hours: 7am – 8pm
OFF: Alternate Tuesdays