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That sweet apom in Bangsar – Om Shakti Chelo’s Apam Stall & Vegetarian Food

Bangsar is an affluent area yes, but there are cheap eats if you know where to go.
The Lucky Garden vicinity is where the hawker fare is, and some very good ones too.

apom in bangsar-001

Quest Bar Review: Day 3 – Banana Nut Muffin flavour

After the Boundless Nutrition Perfect Cookie (Chocolate Chip) and the Quest Bar (Apple Pie flavour), I moved on to the Banana Nut Muffin Quest Bar.

One of the reasons why I chose the Banana Nut one out from my loot of a dozen bars is because I love bananas and I had hope that this will change my mind about Quest Bars since the Apple Pie one wasn’t really to my liking.

Quest Bar review - banana nut muffin

MinMax Restaurant ~ PNB Darby Park : (halal) pork-free dim sum

I am one of those “weird Chinese” who actually do not mind pork -free dim sum.
For me the most important factor is the freshness and taste.
I find most dim sum served at coffee shops and small dim sum outlets (most of the traditional ones anyways) are ridiculously greasy.
And from experience, the prices are not much different from the dim sum served in restaurants or hotels.

My favourite non-pork dim sum is at Celestial Court in Sheraton Imperial.
I have since found another pretty decent one on the 6th floor of KL Sogo department store. Siang Restaurant is a Chinese banquet seating style restaurant that offers prepared-to-order Chinese dishes, another of their popular offerings is the dim sum.
The same can be said for MinMax.

MinMax Restaurant - PNB Darby Park halal pork-free dim sum-005

Quest Bar Review: Day 2 – Apple Pie flavour

After the Boundless Nutrition Perfect Cookie (Chocolate Chip) I started on my 12 bars of Quest Bar.

I’m not sure why, but I decided to pick the Apple Pie as my flavour of the day. Maybe it was because I’m craving for an actual Apple Pie.

Quest Bar review - Apple Pie-001

Boundless Nutrition – Perfect Cookie – Chocolate Chip REVIEW

Just last weekend I was in SG and I took the opportunity to order some protein bars from someone I know in Singapore.
As you may know, Malaysia is terrible for such imported products. We lack the market (or do we?) and we don’t have the companies or individuals that stocks these items in any of the shops.