Burgers Galore III – Azim’s Burger Shack, Rasta TTDI


Unka described this place akin to a “Malay Wai Sik Kai” (food street). Not surprisingly, since all the stalls were run by Malays & everything here is halal.

The stalls formed a circular enclosure, with the seating area right in the middle of food court. Food options ranged from the ubiquitous Nasi Lemak to the westernised steaks and chops and then, whoa, DIM SUM!!

And it was a popular order too, with most tables sporting the rattan containers half opened and little baubles of meat inside with steam still wafting out of them.

But I am here for the ‘famed’ Azim’s burger steak. And nothing was going to wayward me from my intended order..well, almost nothing, for when I saw a plate of nasi lemak whizzing pass me, I almost detoured from my charted path towards the burger stall.

azim burger

It was pretty quiet for a Sunday night & I was famished, having had lunch 6 hours ago in Pang Heong, Klang followed by Teluk Pulai BKT. (will blog about that in time ;p )

I chose the Mushroom Cheese Burger (with beef patty) @RM9 and added an egg for an extra RM1.00.


My, I couldn’t wait to sink my fangs into this baby. But but..a food blogger’s duty came 1st and I duly whipped out my camera.

1st, off with the top half of the bun..
Cut mozzarella from the block, slightly bitter-ish and with more of a bite to it than the processed slices, I like!!!
These made the burger so so much tastier than the ordinary.


The patty was decent in size albeit a bit tough and dry.
…perhaps too much lean meat was used. But it wasn’t Ramly for sure.


The caramelised mushrooms & onions were not aromatic enough, a pity really, cos a dollop of butter & a few extra minutes over the fire would have bought the sweet flavours of the onions out.
And the combination would have done wonders for the burger.


Would I be back for this?

Hmmm………..I guess not.

It’s not bad, mind you. But dry patties ain’t my kind of thing. I like my patties bleeding with juices and smearing all over my hands and mouth when I sank my teeth into it.

Having said that, this would have been one helluva of burger IF the caramelised onions and mushrooms were done right & the patty more tender, cos the cheese and even the buns were nice.
Mayo, tomato and chili sauce are added upon request.

They do have fish burgers, chicken tenderloin and etc. which I wouldn’t mind trying if I happen to be in the vicinity again.

Azim’s Burger Shack,
Rasta Food Court, TTDI.

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