Burger Run at SS15

What’s not to like about this place??
Nothing really!

There’s a whole variety of cheap, & tasty burgers. You can have them round, oblong, pita-wrapped or foldover-ed.
Next, choose your meat.
Patty? Sausage? Beef? Mutton? Fish?
Dress it up with their homemade mushroom sauce, or the ubiquitous mayo + tomato + chilli combo, there is black pepper as well, or…. ask for “semua sekali!”( all in!)
Top it up with a runny egg (a must!) and a slice of creamy cheese.

Go ahead. Indulge. It won’t hurt your pocket.
Service is fast and friendly though there was a perpetual queue the whole night long. I would know, a bunch of us were there for about 4 hours and we had seconds and some even third helpings..and after that we tapau-ed (take-away) some more!

And the additional bonus: it is CLEAN; this is seriously the most hygienic burger “stall”/van I have came across.
There was very little hand contact with the food while its being handled. Food clippers were used, the the table tops were wiped regularly with a clean white cloth and there is no messy drips of sauces or bits of vegetables on the working area.

One dude is focused on the cooking, another only handles the assembling of the burgers while another girl packs them into bags and handles the cash.

Standing there, I was impressed by the smooth operation, for the young entrepreneurs obviously has a system in place. No shouting, no mixed-ups, no arguments. Orders were met and the burgers were dished out like clock-work.

Back to the food…just a whiff of the patties while its being cooked is enough to send the salivary glands into overdrive! I like the fact that there was no overuse of oil here. You don’t see the cook slapping slabs of margerine onto the pan like elsewhere. Small doses, just enough to cook. Just how I like it!

If you order a foldover/pita version…there’s green peas and red beans!

Other choices….The mutton patty for the oblong burgers..
Or the fish …

Anyways, this was mine. Hmmmm…

Sloppy, ADDICTIVE, delicious! The crazy bunch of us who turned up.
Come, come! Who else’s in for it next week??

(got the GPS and road name scribble on some tissues somewhere..will update ASAP!)

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