Brekkie with Pea…and 13 others!

3 tables, 14 floggers, under one tree, on one beautiful Sat morning.


1. Kung Fu Ban Mee, Taman Sri Sentosa & Yang Kee Beef Noodles, OUG market.
2. To makan-makan with Precious Pea before her migration to Aussie-Land.

We started off our gluttony adventure with the Taman Sri Sentosa Pan Mee.
With such a rowdy group, ordering was simplified by a show of hands, not unlike the back to school days.
The waitress: “Soup pan mee?” ..”Dry?”.. Cincau?… Loh Han koh? Hot.. cold?
Just shoot your hands up in the air when your preferred dish/drink is called out.

I liked the hand-pulled noodles here purely for its unique texture that’s simply different from the normal starchy + heavy flour composition elsewhere.
Pretty smooth with some degree of elasticity, it yield a toothsome bite.


Overall it was a delicious bowl of pan mee, with fresh ingredients to boot; though nothing exceptional.
At RM5.00 for a regular portion, I personally felt that it was a tad overpriced. But of course, we are comparing this to other Pan Mee proprietors who does the noodles using the machine, so I supposed the price is justified.
Well, at least the chilli was good.


We added orders of Pandan Chicken at RM4.50/pc. Yup, RM4.50 for ONE PIECE.

The fragrant aroma of the chicken being fried assailed our nostrils while we were half-way tucking into our noodles; setting our expectations skyward.


Glistening, tender and moist. Perfect texture yes, but lacking in taste.
The marinate was unlike the standard Thai Pandan Chicken ones, which is stronger in spices and hence, flavour.
Granted, this is fried wrapped with pandan leaves, but that’s where the similarity ends. Milder in spice and taste, though enjoyable, wasn’t what we expected & definitely not worth RM4.50.
I would still encourage Pan Mee fans to give this KUNG FU BAN MEE a shot, for the noodles are indeed a grade above the standard and if you don’t mind the prices for the small portions.

Variety- wise, they do offer several versions where the strands of noodles are thinner & also sides dishes of otak otak, chendol and pork balls other than the pandan chicken.


The non-descriptive shop, in front of the market.

Our next stop was this.


It was surprising that we passed this shop so many times during my previous OUG food hunt and the week after but failed to take note of this shop.


Unka and I shared this, the minced beef with noodle and a bowl of Stewed Brisket with Radish.


It came with a bowl of soup. This was ok..but..


..the beef noodles was horrific, to say the least.
The minced beef was very salty & overly-heavily msg-ed. I barely finished my quarter -shared serving and was literally panting for water after that.
The noodles was a disappointment as well, flat and lacked any springy-ness whatsoever.

At least the beef & radish was infused with the taste of the gravy, and the meat soft and gelatinous. Boo remarked that it is Indian beef and probably cooked in a pressure pot to achieve the tenderness it had.


Some of the floggers find that the kuay teow and loh shi fun (rat’s tails) versions fared better, so that might be the wiser choice if one decides to dine here.

Myself? Not likely to step in here for a long long time.

Given that we are in the vicinity, we trotted over to the OUG butter cake van πŸ˜‰
En route, Boo bought some potato balls and donuts. Since my previous experience wasn’t too memorable, I skipped it this time round….and changed my mind and went back for more after I nicked a bite from someone who took one from her bag.

I must admit, today’s was GREAT.
It was sweet enough, soft on the inside with a crispy outer layer and chewy with bits of potatoes. Guess the other day was an off-day for the aunty??


Kung Fu Ban Mee (it was spelled as such on their bunting)
Jalan Seri Sentosa 9A
Taman Seri Sentosa
Off Old Klang Road Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 016 – 288 3911
Closed on Monday

Yang Kee
Jalan Hujan Rahmat 2 (same row as Steven’s Corner)
Taman OUG
Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur
Breakfast – Lunch (closed on Monday).

Overall, it was really FUN, FUN, FUN to have met the rest of the floggers & thank you Pea for organising this!
Here’s to more gluttony adventures!!

Mission accomplished!!

We met & we ate…
Precious Pea
Simon Seow
wmw of UGWUG
sc of
boolicious of masak-masak
Meng Keat