Breakfast/Brunch in Bangsar – all day breakfast at Nutmeg KL, Bangsar Village II

After many many months of procrastination I’m finally slowly and surely doing my rounds of morning brunches.
A bit late yes, but heck there are better places for brunches now anyways! 😀

Other than the popular Antipodean, That Latte Place is superbly cosy and if dining outdoors is your thing. The Red Bean Bag is conveniently located within the artsy Publika and parking is a breeze on the weekends. One can continue to shop, browse within Publika or pick up some groceries in BIG after brunch.
All in all, weekend brunches are popular, so be forewarned that all the outlets mentioned above are packed on weekends and a 20-30 mins wait is expected.

In Bangsar, Nosh on Telawi 3 serves excellent brunch/breakfast. I would need another visit before posting about it so I’m heading there again soon. Meanwhile check out the Nutmeg Cafe, a pretty recent addition to the dining scene within Bangsar Village II.
It’s a floor above The Loaf and the most straightforward way to get here is to take the escalator from the front of The Loaf to one floor above, then look for ZARA or Haagen Dazs. The Nutmeg Cafe is visible once you see Haagen Dazs.

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-001

The best part of Nutmeg Cafe is that you have the option of eating your breakfast for dinner.

Nutmeg - Bangsar Village II

Which was exactly what we did on our first visit.
Kevin had the ‘Southern Fried Breakfast’ (RM26+) – (two eggs any style, southern fried chicken, biscuit, gravy and hashed potatoes) while I ordered the ‘Nutmeg Big Breakfast (RM28+) – (two eggs any style, lamb sausage, confit mushrooms, roasted garlic tomatoes, hashed potatoes with fried mac and cheese, house cured salmon or salt beef, toasted brioche).

I asked for Eggs Ben for mine while Kevin’s choice was scrambled. Both sets were filling and for the prices paid we were pretty satisfied.
Of course one can argue that it’s pricey, but hey some of these items are less ordinary than what you usually get in other outlets – deep fried mac & cheese, house cured salted beef, housebaked brioche so I guess it is ‘justified’ somehow.

Nutmeg Big Breakfast (RM28+).

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-006

Fine, I admit the picture above didn’t do it much justice. But the verdict is in the taste right?

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-008

Other than overcooked poached eggs, the rest of the platter was good. As mentioned earlier, Nutmeg KL prepares their own salt beef which explains why it tasted fresh and wasn’t overly salted. The brioche was just nice for me as well since I never did liked mine overly buttery. The eggs were already overdone but at least the hollandaise sauce was alright. I remembered remarking to Kevin that it bordered on average to decent.
Anyhow there were more hits than misses on the plate so overall I still enjoyed my meal.

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-009

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-010

Oh, brownie points for the meaty lamb sausage and nicely sauteed mushrooms.

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-013

Though the crumbed cubes on one side of the plate looked a bit unidentifiable, it turned out to be really good deep fried mac + cheese. It came with a dollop of sweetish chilli sauce (almost like the Thai chilli sauce) on top and it complemented it very well.

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-014

Southern Fried Breakfast (RM26++).

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-016

One look at this reminded me of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen. Not in taste mind you, but just because our experience with ‘southern fried chicken’ was limited to a meal at Popeye’s.
The accompanying biscuit was more of a scone and a little ramekin of gravy was served on the side. We loved the chicken; really juicy and tender meat, the scrambled eggs and well, basically everything on the plate but the biscuit!
I guess it will take us a while to get used to eating a ‘scone’ with our fried chicken huh?

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-017

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-018

I dare not say that RM26+ is worth it for a piece of chicken (as well fried as it is) and a biscuit with sides of scrambled eggs, potatoes and salad. But I’ll let you be the judge, as everyone’s tolerance of prices may differ.

On my 2nd visit I decided to sample their ‘Build Your Own Omelette’ option. I chose Salmon Gravlax since I was told that Nutmeg KL prepares their own gravlax. What better way to test it then having it stirred into my plain omelette?

3 eggs (RM10) + salmon gravlax (RM5) = RM15.

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-019

My omelette came with a side salad and though it may look small here it was pretty filling as you have to remember that RM10 was for 3 eggs. Unfortunately I can’t confidently recommend this as it tasted pretty ordinary, both the eggs and salmon.

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-020

But I would recommend the French Toast (RM16.00+). Brioche bread was used and instead of the usual dipped in egg and fried version, Nutmeg’s french toast is baked.
The result is a thick toast; dense and soft inside with a wonderful crispy outer crust. As I have mentioned before, Nutmeg’s housebaked brioche is not too buttery but fragrant enough to satisfy me.
I enjoyed this with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache but you can opt for it to be served with lemon curd or bananas with butterscotch.

nutmeg - bangsar village II - french toast

The chef has torched the surface of the toast so there was a nice caramelized layer; pretty much like your creme brulee. This was followed by a dusting of icing sugar and a flurry of sliced almonds.

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-023

The crumb – dense, soft and moist.

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-024

Like I said, I enjoyed this. But I reiterate, it is NOT strongly eggy in flavour. In fact I barely tasted any eggs. So just be warned if you’re going to order this.

Kevin enjoyed his cuppa while I stuck to warm water since they do not offer smoothies or hot chocolate as yet.

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II-005

The cakes on display are tempting but I have yet to sample any since during both visits I was too hungry and ordered the savoury mains instead. I’ll definitely be back for the sweets soon!
There’s complimentary WIFI, service is charming and there’s electrical outlets within the cafe for laptops, etc. It’s a very conducive environment for someone like me. I may be lucky, for I like what I had so far (except for the overdone poached eggs and the so-so omelette) though I received mix reviews on my Instagram/FB/FB Page from others who had dined here previously.

So anyone else have been here? Any comments? 🙂

Nutmeg, Bangsa Village II

Nutmeg KL
UGF-28A Bangsar Village II, 2 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Today 11:30 am – 10:00 pm
Phone 03-2201 3663

Mon – Fri: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Service tax of 10% applies. No Gov tax.