Brands Essence of Chicken – the latest BRAND’s 14 -Day Get Smart campaign

Brands Essence of Chicken challenges consumers to outdo themselves through it’s latest BRAND’s 14 -Day Get Smart campaign. Apparently, research findings had showed “marked” improvements in one’s mental performance after drinking Brands Essence of Chicken daily. These findings were backed by 4 INDEPENDANT clinical studies carried out worldwide, which includes Japan & Malaysia.

Brands essence of chicken

Now, for me personally, I have tried many supplements and had drank all sorts of tonics, herbal concoctions in my lifetime in my desperate effort to stay young, and more importantly, to remain razor-sharp & on my feet for a minimum of 20 hours in a day. I mean, don’t we all wish we have more hours in a day? I can name offhand at any one time; a list of 10 friends who finds sleep to be a waste of time!

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Unfortunately, our bodies and brains are not wired that way. And hence 6-8 hours sleep per night is recommended by all health practitioners. But more and more people are discovering that sleep alone is insufficient to power them throughout the day.

I’m no strangers to essences and I have tried a few previously, even Brands. But as usual, consistency was a problem. I either forget to take them after a while, or it started to become a hassle to bring those pill boxes/bottles/sachets around with me. One way around that was taking them in the morning, before I leave the house.


Hence the BRAND’s 14 -Day Get Smart campaign was a good kick-start for me to make it a habit to start taking supplements. Because it is only 14 days, it didn’t seem so daunting & sounded perfectly doable. I put all the 14 bottles of Brands essence on my kitchen table, & drank it before leaving the house in the morning.

Since I had to keep track of my mental progress (ahem), I did a little chart as below. Like I said, I ‘lied” to my mind & assured myself that “it’s only 14 days..“. Somehow it worked! And you know what people say about forming habits right? Do something consistently for 14 – 21 days and it will become a habit. Now, I automatically reach for a bottle once I finish my lunch!

Brief Description
General feeling

25th March FriLong day, rushing from work to Kepong for the launch of Brands 14 Day smart campaign, then TGV Media night at Damansara til 1am.1st bottle. Drank at night. It didn’t disturb my sleep pattern. 


26th March SatGym in the morning. 2 hours French pastry baking class in PJ, then office for work, followed by dinner at night.2nd bottle, drank after gym. 


27th March SunRest day. Stayed home, blogging, house work.As usual, I drank it in the morning after brekkie. 

A quiet day but I started getting stomach discomfort – gastric.

28th March MonBack to the rat race. Bieber project at its peak with banners & blogposts due. Extreme stress. 

Gym 6-7pm. Skipped night meeting with very bad gastric.

Drank in the morning.
29th March TuesOn Medical Leave.Stopped drinking Brands. Suspect it might have triggered my gastritis since drinking it is the only change in my diet for the whole week.
30th March Wed – 2nd Apr Sat 

On medication for gastritis.


Brands on hold, doctor says to drink after meals once my condition improves.

3rd Apr Sun 


Sunway Pyramid – f.o.x make over with friends, lunch, shopping, meeting with office colleague Melanie.

Night – Mid Valley – Dinner & Maybelline makeover.


Gastritis condition less serious.  Continue with 5th bottle, taken after a full meal.
4th Apr Mon 

Work + relaxing day at Starbucks Bangsar, finishing up some admin work.

Dinner & movie – 1Utama.

Late night: last min packing for PD trip tmw & barely slept 2 hours.


Much better, gastritis was almost gone, and I took light meals throughout the day.
5th Apr Tues 

On roadtrip to PD by P1.

Early start in the morning – 6am & had programs all the way till late as there was a P1 dinner at night.



7th bottle. Drank after breakfast.

Overall concentration seems ok. Can’t say for sure if it’s more or same as usual.


6th Apr WedLong technical session on WIMAX, P1 LTE technology in the morning. 

Concentration was fine though I barely slept 4 hours the night before.

Back in KL at 4pm. In office & worked til 12am. Wasn’t overly exhausted as expected.


Drank after buffet breakfast. No issues on gastritis. 8th bottle now & it’s been positive. (4th day after the short break I had).

Perhaps the slight improvement is noticeable after the 4th day?


7th Apr Thurs 

Early morning meeting, followed by HP Ink print launch at the Curve & then The Hill for the massive MYnjayz party til 1am.



9th bottle and feeling good. Body seem to have accepted the tonic. Notable improvement on energy levels throughout the day.

8th Apr Fri 

Up by 6am. Early meeting at 9am in KL.

11am –  Xixili launch at Pavilion.

2pm – Check in at Micasa All Suite Hotel. Work til 7pm.

8pm – Tiffany & co launch at Pulse til 1am.



Keeping the momentum going. Friends commented on a noticeably glow and overall a “better energetic” me during events.

9th Apr Sat 

Up early at 7am for buffet brekkie, followed by a swim. Lunch and shopping & makeover at Shiseido Pavilion in preparation for Johnnie Walker Black Circuit party.

Partied til 2am. Sleep at 4am.



11th bottle. Energylevels are fine. Definitely not feeling the energy dip as much during the afternoons though I was driving around shopping and rushing to get my hair & makeup done.

10th Apr Sun 

Up by 8am for breakfast buffet again.

Blogged & wrote a few articles for the week.

Then it was Rebecca’s Table for Four lunch, where I hosted 7 diners for lunch cooked by my friends – the guest chefs.

Check out from Micasa at 5pm. Bruno Mars concert at 8pm.

Home at 12am.



12th bottle. As usual, my head/mind seems generally sharp & the most noticeably difference is that the mid- day slump in energy seems to have vanished.



So do I feel smarter as the campaign claims to achieve? Heck I can’t tell. I’ll like to think that I’m smart to begin with. But yes I do appreciate that my attention span & mid day energy slumps has reduced significantly though I’m sleeping less and less! Not a good habit I know, but it’s reassuring to know that I can count on Brands to keep me going on days when my schedule is packed to the rafters. At least it’s made from natural essence rather than the sugar based energy drink like Red Bull where you’ll get the instant spike of energy but runs low on you once it’s metabolised. Brands takes a longer period of time to take effect, but it is after all, a supplement for long term health benefits rather than for instant gratification.

Below: Advertlets bloggers with Ryn, the Ambassador for Brands during the launch of the BRAND’s 14 -Day Get Smart campaign.

brands & Ryn & Advertlets

ryn Brands ambassador

Now, if only Brands could improve on the taste of the essence… 😉

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