Bowery Petit, TTDI – cafe, bakery & pizzeria

Unless you are extremely fussy, leaving Bowery Petit empty-handed is highly unlikely.

The heavy glass doors open to a small but cosy space where 50% of it are dedicated to the bewitching display of an amazing wide array of cakes, cupcakes, macarons, tiramisu, pies, tarts, muffins, danishes and breads in all forms from bagels to mini loaves, buns and rolls.

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, it is time to bid any form of self-constraint goodbye.

Bowery Petit, TTDI - cafe, bakery, pizzeria & pastry

The Bowery team bakes/makes their desserts and food, a welcome change from the mass cafes where cakes/desserts are supplied by the usual suspects of Klang Valley home bakers and suppliers.

Happily enough for the jaded like myself, there are more to tantalize than the usual red velvet (they do a brownie red velvet!), Dulce de Leche Sundae, matcha white chocolate scones, Boston cream pie, Bourbon Pecan Tart (yes, with alcohol) and decadent donuts.

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Bowery Petit, TTDI - cafe, bakery, pizzeria & pastry-001

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My orders were slightly ambitious for a light Sunday tea but it did give me a good idea of the quality of pastries here.

The croissant missed the mark, but unlike its neighbour who claimed itself as an ‘authentic‘ German bakery and then proceed to serve me a lumpy croissant and tell me that “it is meant to be that way” when I questioned the inner layers, Bowery Petit had yet to make any such claims so I’ll let this pass.
(Oh, you can read my FB update about those offensive croissants here–> ->  the comments said it all.
Sometimes I wonder if F & B owners/chefs really think patrons are stupid
. Some of us do bake/cook/take lessons/travel & dine around the world you know…)

Anyhow the search for a good croissant continues.

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My matcha white chocolate scone (RM6.80 + 6%) had a pleasant matcha flavour though I won’t complain if the flavour were stronger.
It was generously studded with white chocolate chips as well. The scone itself isn’t sweet but the chips are, as expected since it is WHITE chocolate after all.
Texture-wise it is fluffy and I think it would have tasted better if served warm. My croissant was warmed up for me though.
Last but not least was the tiramisu (RM14.80 + 6%), heavily soaked in alcohol so you do get what you pay for.

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Bowery Petit, TTDI - cafe, bakery, pizzeria & pastry-009

From Perth’s Blacklist Coffee Roasters.
Our latte is sufficiently strong. RM10.80 + 6%, no service charge.

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Dim lights illuminates the inside and a long sofa is fixed against the wall from the front of the shop to back. Square wooden tables and chairs are its main furniture.
The seating arrangements aren’t the most comfortable and doesn’t encourages one to linger.
Tables are close to each other so there isn’t much of privacy. In fact I could hear every word said at the next table and conversation from the next 2 tables were just as clear as well.
The music is jazzy and a bit too loud for conversation too.
Outdoor seating is limited to 3 tables with 2 on high stools which isn’t comfortable for mobile work but should be fine for those who are there for a chat and some cuppa.

Charging points: Powerpoints are available inside at the ratio of almost one-to-one (points to table). For the outdoor tables, there is one powerpoint sighted.

Savoury: Pizzas ((RM10.80 – RM15.80/slice), quiches, pies, bagel balls.
Uncommonly available items are savoury muffins with fillings such as chorizo, corn, chilli.
Sweet: Choux pastry, danishes, cakes, tarts, cupcakes, etc. (Refer above).

Bowery Petit, TTDI - cafe, bakery, pizzeria & pastry 2Bowery Petit, TTDI - cafe, bakery, pizzeria & pastry-002

Bowery Petit, TTDI - cafe, bakery, pizzeria & pastry-011

Besides coffee, your options include root beers, BEERS, ciders, teas, sodas, milkshakes and chocolate/vanilla drinks.
I asked about the ice cream that comes with the affogato just to check on the quality and was told they make their own ice cream, which to me is a good sign.

Almost self-service as you have to pay for your orders (food) immediately and bring it to your table. Beverages are served to you though.

Available but spotty on the Sunday evening we were there.

Pork-free/Halal: Pork-free but serves alcohol.

Quality food and desserts, good coffee, friendly staff and near my home. Will return. 🙂

Bowery Petit
48 Persiaran Zaaba
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+60 (3) 7710 0295
Open: Daily 11 am – 11 pm
[email protected]

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