Bloggers Chilling Out at Kindori, Sunway

It wasn’t that hard to organise this one.

Just got to go “Want ah, go eat ice cream??”
And replies are “yes yes yes yes!!”.

So the 11 of us polished off 14 cups of Kindori’s FRESH, blast frozen on the spot, added with REAL fruits ice cream.

the group

And for a reasonable price too.. yup, I’m a sucker for good deals. Sue me.

menu promo

Flavours are either RM6.90 for local fruits or RM8.90 for international fruits or mixed of 2 flavours, served in a CUP. Add RM1 to the price if you prefer the cone.

What I love about Kindori is the fact that ACTUAL fruits are used. And they got a whole medley of choices available!
Below are the local options; with watermelon, CEMPEDAK (gasp!), jackfruit, pineapple, papaya, CARROT (???), mango & rock melon among the more interesting choices.


Then we have the international fruits such as Grapes, Blueberries, Blackcurrants, Strawberries,
Raspberry, PUMPKIN, Passion fruit, Green kiwi, Golden Kiwi & Lychee.


For each order, 38grams of fruits is first weighed on a digital scale.

cherry 38g

“The 100% milk” they used to make the ice-cream is actually frozen and the amount required for each order is measured out before it is added together with the fruits into the machine. What you see here is the chocolate one, used for the chocolate or chocolate banana ice cream.

the milk

The process of making the ice – cream.
Add frozen milk, add fruits, pull the lever and voila! Ice cream out alike those from soft-serve machines.

kindora TimesSQ

My first visit was at their outlet in Times Square, near the cinema ticket counters.
Here, the fruits selection were a lot better, versus the outlet at Sunway Pyramid.

I had the Morello Cherry, which was so sour I couldn’t finish it & I end up scooping spoonfuls off my friend’s Green Tea.

morello cherry, green tea

Powders are used for the sumiyaki coffee, green tea & black sesame flavours. I have only tried the coffee and green tea so far and I find them decent though a bit light in flavour.

powder options

You will find bits of skin from the fruit, and parts of the ice cream not very well blended but I didn’t mind.


Clockwise from top: Choc (not very chocolatey so be warned), raspberry & grapes (all I tasted was the raspberry), choc banana (a bit too light on the banana) & Grapes (barely tasted anything).
Below left: Watermelon, which was very refreshing because texture-wise it has become almost like sorbet, no doubt due to the percentage of water present in the watermelon.
Below right: Green kiwi, so sour that my face remained scrunched up even after 5 minutes of tasting it. The CEMPEDAK is a must if you like cempedak. Think durian and durian ice cream. Creamier, smoother and sweet.

raspb grape, choc, kiwi, grape, watermelon

From top left: Sumiyaki Coffee (nice but light in taste) & the Pineapple, which was one of the better ones we had.

coffee, pinapple, choc banana

Service is good in both outlets, with the service staff ever smiling and patiently waiting while you lament over your choice of fruits for your ice cream.
Do not however, compare this to Haagen Daaz or Ben & Jerry’s. This is after all, low fat milk and fruit based ice cream. Haagen Daaz goes for RM12++ per scoop versus RM6.90 to RM9.90 per serving here.
A fairer comparion would be Tutti Fruitti (post coming up in.. like next month if I ever get to it), and I personally I find this wayyy better. I would return soon for the coconut & red bean flavour. That should be interesting, no? 😉

Kindori outlet at Times Square. On the same floor as the cinema, near the ticket counter.

Kindori Times Sq

Kindori outlet at Sunway Pyramid, NEW Wing. Near Starbucks & a floor above Tokyo G, as well as J Co.

kindori Sunway

Again, prices are as follows:
Flavours are either RM6.90 for local fruits or RM8.90 for international fruits or mixed of 2 flavours, served in a CUP. Add RM1 to the price if you prefer the cone.

And the CNY promo is on till 28h of February 2010.