Blackberry Q10 Launch in Malaysia – RM2388. Specs, Reviewer’s Guide and Pictures

Just today I dropped in at the Blackberry Q10 media briefing and launch and laid both my eyes and hands on the Q10, the first Blackberry 10 smartphone with QWERTY keyboard.

1 BB Q10 launch - price RM2388

BB Q10 launch - price RM2388-001

Oh how I missed a QWERTY keyboard!

BB Q10 launch - price RM2388-002

It was heartbreaking (over I’m a little over-dramatic here) for me to give up my Blackberry Torch. Barely 2 weeks after I passed my BB Torch to my staff, I caved in and bought myself a BB 9900, the most good looking BB at that time. That damn BB hung on me every 30 minutes so I sold it off after 1 week.
And that was the end of my affair with Blackberries.

Today as I pushed the buttons on the Q10 excitedly, I remembered how I loved keypad on my phones. But at RM2388, I don’t think I’ll be picking this up anytime soon. However bear in mind I have not tested the phone (other than 10 minutes of toying with it) and this is just the price talking. Perhaps I might end up loving it, but that leaves to be seen, since there are no review units available.

BB Q10 launch - price RM2388-006

Just like you, I’ll be waiting for reviews online and opinions of new owners before I decide.

There isn’t much for me to write today, but I got these really useful and informative PDFs from Blackberry Malaysia and I thought it’s a shame not to share. Bear in mind I don’t normally repost press releases on my site but these slides doesn’t count right? 🙂

The new Blackberry = Re-designed. Re-engineered. Re-invented. REALLY?

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-001

This is a lovely visual walk-through. Even I had a good read.

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-003

I was a BB user but was only on BlackBerry® 6 and BlackBerry® 7 so I found this reviewer guide to be really informative as I read on what BB10 has to offer. All presented in such a compelling manner too.

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-005

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-006

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-007

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-008

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-009

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-010

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-011

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-012

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-013

Remember how the phrase “Blackberry sucks” is always uttered when it comes to picture taking time? Well the camera was the first thing I tested when I had a chance to try the Q10.
It was much improved, especially on the speed.

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-014

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-015

And finally, some basic editing is possible on the Q10!

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-016

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-017

A short tutorial on setting up your BB, if you ever own one. 😛

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-004


Apps. Sigh Blackberry. You got a lot of catching up to do.

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-018

The reason everyone uses a Blackberry. The BBM.

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-019

Dear Blackberry..I find it hard to live without Instagram. Hopefully soon yea?

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-020

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-021

Blackberry Maps. I’m genetically directional-ly challenged. If the Blackberry Map works on me, it should work for everyone. LOL.

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-022

Some security features.

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-023

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-024

We all know BBs are best for work. But BB knows how all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
The keyword is Balance. How aptly named.

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-025

Sync. Backup. Always important.

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-026

The Q10 specification in a nutshell.
Check out the Advanced Sensors – Accelerometer, Magnetometer… what??

BlackBerry Q10 Reviewers Guide-027

And of course, if I do pick up a BB Q10, it has to be the white one!

BlackBerry Q10 - black & white

The revolution of Blackberry since 2000, the RIM957. I have a collage of the Blackberries since 2000 til today which I’ll upload tomorrow. 🙂

BB Q10 launch - price RM2388-005

First impressions? Solid. Light. Quality.
Yes I do like it. But that’s first impressions.

BB Q10 launch - price RM2388-004

BB Q10 launch - price RM2388-003

So is anyone getting a Blackberry anytime soon? 😀

BB Q10 launch - price RM2388

The Blackberry Q10 will be available from all authorised partners in Malaysia – Celcom and Maxis from May 15th 2013. Pre-orders can be done from Celcom from May 8, 2013.

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