Bisque cakes (review)- Opulent Ocha & Lagenda (‘gula melaka’ cake)

I got to know about Bisque via Instagram.
I do not know who their photographer is, but he/she’s doing a mighty good job!

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The cakes are seriously drool-worthy. Just from the pictures alone. It made me want to order one each time a picture from Bisque comes up on my Instagram.
However, all I did so far was to double tap to like. LOL.

BELOW: 7″ Lagenda – RM128, 7″ Opulent Ocha – RM118.

Bisque cakes - order and review-001

That’s cos they only sell their cakes whole. And I can’t eat one whole cake alone can I?
Well, actually I can. But I try not to. 😉

But today after a long ride back from Melaka I finally got to stuff my face with Bisque cakes.
And it was perfect timing because I was so exhausted and needed that pick-me-up.

Bisque cakes - order and review-004

First up – the looks.

The cakes are so pretty! I took my time photographing them before cutting out a slice each. My maid had this look of “Come on, get on with it. I’m hungry too.”

I’m all for the Opulent Ocha; layers of rich green tea sponge and layered with creamy white ganache. I could be biased since I like everything matcha and by comparison this cake wasn’t as sweet as the Lagenda.
The sponge are fluffy yet not too light (not airy like chiffon) so I could still enjoy the richness of the cake and taste strong matcha flavour.

bisque cake - order online - opulent ocha

The Lagenda on the other hand is constructed from 2 layers of ‘gula melaka’ cake.
Generous coconut cream frosting topped the cake and separated the duo layers.
This is ideal for those who love their cakes buttery and isn’t particular about saccharine levels.

Bisque cakes - order and review-003

Bisque cakes - order and review-005

Bisque offers more than just the cakes you see here so do check them out on Instagram (bisque_my) or you can surf over to for the full menu –> !

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