Best choices of durian snowskin mooncakes in KL : Purple Glory by Taste Better!

Why best you ask?

Take a look at this video and see for yourself the slim film of snowskin enrobing the compact, rich durian flesh and you will know what I mean!

VIDEOMatcha D101 (RM35), Black Tea RED FLESH (RM35), Beetroot Musang King (RM50), Bamboo Charcoal D24 (RM35) 

Durian lovers will definitely enjoy these.
It is akin to savouring frozen durian pulp enrobed with interesting, mild flavoured snowskin.
Every bite is 100 percent pure durian durian meat with its fibers clearly visible.

Matcha D101? Black Tea RED FLESH? Beetroot Musang King? Which would be your choice?




These quality babies come at a price of course, but then nothing good comes cheap yes?
If anything, you get what you pay for.

Prices are here:


To order: Taste Better – :
Delivery is available to the whole of Malaysia via Taqbin (in icebox) and to my Singaporean friends, you can get these at Taste Better Vivocity or Taste Better Punggol Waterway Point.