Best Bak Chang / Pork meat rice dumplings from Penang!

It took a while but I’m thrilled to say that I’ve found a superb bak chang (pork meat rice dumplings) that could rival my grandmother’s!

So here it is.
Watch the video for an accurate depiction of what to expect and you will find some images below as well.

VIDEO: Bak Chang 

A video is always interesting to see how the rice dumplings are isn’t it? 🙂

The price is RM9 each; a steal considering the quality of ingredients used and the amount of ingredients stuffed into a rice dumpling.
The current market is at least RM7 (SS2 market, etc) and frankly, the amount of meat and other ingredients in those RM6 – RM7 ones aren’t close to what you see here.


It is a challenge to be able to find such a power packed chang and this came all the way from Penang!

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So what is a good bak chang to me?

Your expectations maybe different, but mine would be:
Fragrant glutinous rice. Not overly greasy.
Stuffed with mushroom, big chunks of soft, fatty pork belly and a whole chestnut plus salted egg yolk. Rice steamed to perfection.

This is one of the very few that is still the home-made traditional rice dumplings done the way our granny used to make them!


As these are made in limited quantities and I can only bring a certain amount on each trip, they sell out fast so it’s best pre-order if you want to get some.

As you can see, the fillings are generous and flavourful. Though premium, they are worth it as these homemakers have taken a lifetime to perfect their craft.

I have tried new versions of dumplings each year during the Duan Wu (the annual Dumpling Festival), like those with fruit fillings and chilli crab and what-nots but I still prefer the traditional ones as they are what they should be.

This is probably the best I’ve found so far.
I’m open to suggestions and recommendations so do PM me if you know any that is better.


And if your seniors know of a great recipe, be sure to learn it so your kids can also enjoy the traditional delicacy next time.
Let’s hope the tradition continue! 😀



To order, please Whatsapp +6011 – 3938 5350 or PM us on
I have Nyonya chang too so you can opt for:

Package A: 10 bak chang – (RM90).
Package B: 5 bak (pork) chang and 5 nyonya pork chang (RM7 each) – RM45 + RM35 = RM80

PS: Bak chang from Penang, Nyonya chang from Melaka.