Bar Italia, Jalan Berangan – A total rip – off?

Ok, maybe “rip-off” is a strong word. But how does one justify the below for RM38 (not including 10% tax) ?

1 coffee, albeit a very good one (or so Unka said), 1 fruit juice and 1 (3.5 inch/4 inch at most) sandwich, with an egg, a slice of ham carelessly “folded” into the bread and some cheese.

Bar Italia

It was supposed to be a “New York bagel”.
Now I do not know how New Yorkers make their bagels, but this is definitely not the chewy, dense textured bagels that I know.
It tasted like toasted bread.

Bar Italia,
Jalan Berangan,
Bukit Bintang.

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ps: I understand that some dining establishments are more expensive to dine in, etc, & I was aware of the price when I placed the order. However, I believe in getting what I paid for, meaning I expected a proper bagel (as per printed in the menu), with ingredients to match, both in terms of quality and quantity.
Same goes if it is a main course. I take into consideration the effort, time & skills required to prepare the dish. Hence the prices we pay for a degustation or molecular gastronomy menu.

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