Baking – my next obsession? :)

I had recently acquired an oven & needed some baking equipment. Naturally for me, searching online was the best solution knowing how lazy I am about going out.


Kevin, a baking aficionado came to my rescue with suggestions of some basic items a newbie can purchase on eBay.


So I surfed over to eBay, keyed-in ‘baking‘ in the search box & a long list came up; nearly 732 pages of all sorts of baking toys a baker could possibly need!


Browsing around, I found a number of things which I needed, like this Adjustable Stainless Steel Cake Ring which is pretty versatile. Rather than buying many cake tins, ONE of this baby allows me to bake cakes from 16cm to 30cm in diameter!


So off it went into my shopping cart; among others as I happily chose and compare my selections in the comfort of my home.


After an hour or so, I finally firmed up on my purchases and thus it was time to checkout!

PayPal 5

For most of my online transactions, I usually pay via credit card or Paypal. For this round, I chose to pay by PayPal since I had some additional credit in my account.


For those who has an active Paypal account, all you needed to do was to log in to your Paypal to proceed for payment. If you don’t have a PayPal account – it’s time you get one! I have posted on the simple procedures of  signing up for an account HERE.


Once you’re logged in, the amount to be deducted for your purchases is automatically tracked.


And here’s my checkout list. While eBay is a pretty good site for online buys, I hate it how the shipping cost are almost similar or MORE than the purchase itself! So it’s advisable to only buy items that are really difficult to obtain in Malaysia (like my baking items below) to make it worth the shipping charges.


Once you have successfully placed your order, a notification screen informs you to look out for a confirmation email.


As far as I remembered, the confirmation email from PayPal for all my online transactions appears in my inbox within 10 minutes of successful orders, this time being no exception.


There were other items that didn’t allow me to add to the shopping cart. These sellers were from UK & using GBP (Great Britain Pound) so I had to place my order individually, which was a pain but there wasn’t any other way.


Imagine if I had chose to make payments via credit card!
It would have been time consuming and annoying to key in my credit card details as well as the OTP (one time password) from every SMS I get each time I make a payment online. For Paypal, as long as I remained logged-in, each payment is automatically deducted from my account without me having to submit additional details. And after each successful transaction, I received a confirmation email of my purchase.



Furthermore, I can log into my Paypal account to check on the payment amount anytime I want. If it had been a credit card purchase, I would have to wait til my monthly statement is ready.
I find it easier for me to keep track of my spending this way. Besides, I can refer to the prices of my purchases easily too; just in case I stumbled upon a similar item and I needed a price comparison. 🙂

That’s it for now!
I’ll just have to sit back and wait to receive my Christmas gifts to myself. Hahaha… instead of clothes and cosmetics, it’s baking equipment for me! What would you expect from an obsessed foodie right?
Merry Christmas everyone!! :DD

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