Bake Cheese Tart (HK) vs Tokyo Secret vs Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

Though Bake Cheese Tart is not available in Malaysia (as yet, but maybe soon since it is already in Singapore!), I’m including a short snippet here so if you are ever in Hong Kong or Japan and asked yourself if it’s worth the queue, I hope my description here will help you to decide.

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Personally, I would rate Bake (Hong Kong) over Tokyo Secret (IPC) and coming in last would be Hokkaido Cheese Tart (Empire Subang).

Bake Cheese Tart (Hong Kong) was truly cheesy; like seriously eating melted cheese ‘cheesy’.
A blend of 3 cheeses, it imparted more aroma and complexity in each bite.

The crust was a bit too thick and dense for me while the Tokyo Secret crust was much more crumbly and lighter to eat.

However Tokyo Secret’s filings are more creamy (milky actually) and slightly sweeter compared to Bake’s.
Like I said, Bake’s tarts (Hong Kong) are alike cheese bombs.


So for me, Tokyo Secret is more like a molten milk custard with very mild cheese flavour.


Coming in last is Hokkaido Bake Cheese Tart.

There was no crowd on a weekday lunch and the tarts were all cold.
The crust is buttery yes but the filling is milky and any cheese flavour was practically non- existent.


For RM5.80 this is a sad, overpriced tart.

I’ll be in Singapore next week so I might try the Bake cheese tart again just to see if there is any difference compared to the one I had in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Pablo cheese tart is still on my to-try list!

Can anyone let me if you have prefer Pablo or Bake Cheese Tart (if you have tried both)?


1. Tokyo Secret @ IPC
Look for the Mac store on the ground floor.

tokyo secret IPC - cheese tart - REVIEW

2. Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart @Empire Subang
Beside Kampung Kravers, along the same side as Serai.

hokkaido baked cheese tart review - empire subang

3. Bake Cheese Tart (Hong Kong)
B2 (basement 2) Sogo, Causeway Bay.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 6.53.35 PM.png

4. Happy Happy Bakery @ Sg Chua branch.

There is another cheese tart option at Kajang but I don’t think I’ll head there.
Besides, how much better can it be?

It is only RM3.80 each and I’ve heard that there is a long queue. The tarts are out of the oven at 12.30pm and 6.00pm onwards.

jybakery cheese tart

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