ASUS ‘We Transform’ – Fonepad Note FHD 6, MeMO Pad HD7, Nexus 7, PadFone Infinity, VivoBook S500

As an Asus Ultrabook user for 2 years I’ll readily recommend Asus whenever anyone asked me for notebook options. My Asus Ultrabook has never failed me though I’m not exactly the gentlest of users.
I travel often, I used it for 15 hours a day as my primary workhorse and I carry it wherever I go. And so far (touch wood!) it has been reliable with no lag in performance nor have I experienced any software issues.

rebecca saw Asus Zenbook Fraser hill

At the recent Asus ‘We Transform’ event in Mid Valley, I drooled over the new range of laptops and ultrabooks. Some came with red keyboard (yes, I’m a sucker for coloured gadgets) and most of them are touch screen enabled with Windows 8.

ASUS We Transform_ 23

I’m still wary of Windows 8, but Asus has kept up with times and ensured the necessary latest updates in their notebooks.

ASUS We Transform_ 21

At the same event, Asus showcased its current and upcoming innovations which includes entry-level tablet MeMO Pad HD7, value touch VivoBook S500 Series, new multimedia-optimised N Series notebooks and new A Series notebooks.

ASUS We Transform_ 10

ASUS We Transform_ 9

ASUS We Transform_ 12

ASUS We Transform_ 7

ASUS We Transform_ 13

Tech geeks were seen drooling over the long-awaited PadFone Infinity, powered by Intel Atom, as well as ASUS’s first 6-inch phablet the Fonepad Note FHD 6.

ASUS We Transform_ 14

ASUS We Transform_ 16

ASUS We Transform_ 17

ASUS We Transform_ 25

ASUS We Transform_ 26

ASUS We Transform_ 27

ASUS We Transform_ 28

ASUS We Transform_ 32

ASUS We Transform_ 33

Last but not least, all of us couldn’t keep our hands off the Nexus 7. ASUS had revealed that the much-awaited Android tablet will be coming to Malaysian shores mid-November, hopefully not priced much higher than what it is in the US. 

Well, I’m happy with my Asus ultrabook so far. I loved the Asus Taichi too. Perhaps Windows 8 is next for me? Or the Nexus 7! 😀

PS: Thanks for the pictures!