Another Christmas party ..with a WHOLE roast lamb!

christmas tree

Please Santa, all I want for Christmas… is another party like this!


You know you are at the right party when you walked to the house & got greeted by this...
A whole LAMB, grilling over charcoals, right at the FRONT GATE.

The lamb!

This is one lamb worth dying for. Juicy, tender & thoroughly marinated with its meat imbued with flavour, it was absolutely AWESOME!

more lamb!

At RM700, yups.. RM700, for one of that splendid creature, grilled 2 hours before the start of your party, sliced, served & then all utensils cleaned up after the lamb is finished. It’s pretty worth it, IMHO.
So, anyone to sponsor one for Unka’s house warming???

I liked the fact that the hosts were strict on the quality and choices of food. They kept it firmly to the theme of an English Christmas and that means fried rice, roti canai and etc is strictly prohibited!

Hence, this had to be the closest I will ever get in experiencing a proper Christmas dinner. Darn, the only thing missing is EGG NOG!!! Anyone with a do-able Egg nog recipe to share?

The turkey was roasted in-house, & this is the crazy host shoving the stuffing into the cavity of the bird.
The charming lady who prepared & craved the lamb graciously cut up our turkey for us too ;o)

fat turkey

It was a pot luck, and everyone came with their BEST dishes! Lucky me πŸ˜‰

Baked potatoes, cold platter of ham, toasted baguette with creamy homemade salmon mousse, sausages, pear, egg & apple salad.

light platters

Lamb, chicken wings, Chicken & vegetables Quiche, Bacon & mushroom fettuccine & the lovely lovely smooth pumpkin soup!

pasta, pumpkin soup

These beef ribs totally rocks! Utterly delicious & tender, I didn’t mind eating beef for once.
The angel hair marinara, thick mushroom gravy, creamy avocado, prawns & green apples salad were no less appetizing.

ribs, quiche

The sweet endings..fruity egg tarts, DARK chocolate cake, Blackforest & home-baked Panettone.


Wine, ice cream & cheese.



Merry Christmas everybody!! ;p