Amazing salts: GARAM HARAM (Pork bacon salt) – what to cook with it

I’ve known about Garam Haram for some time now as Juan Lyn, the founder has posted about it on her social sites quite a bit.

I finally got to grab a few bottles recently and I was excited to try cooking with it.

Chilli Pork Salt – Himalayan Salt + Bacon + Chili flakes
Porky Salt – Himalayan Salt + Bacon
Pepper Pork Salt – Himalayan Salt + Bacon + black pepper

garam haram - rebecca saw blog - pork bacon salt

Now I’m not much of a cook though I can manage some dishes.
But I’m lazy and super busy. And I had always had intention of cooking but to make something as simple as possible yet tasty.

I started today with soft boiled eggs and added a sprinkle of GARAM HARAM plain pork salt for flavour, eschewing the salt/soy sauce and pepper.
And wow, I like the different flavour it gave. Well, it is so simple (no added step required) and it gave much better flavour to just salt and pepper!

photo 2(1)

Then in the afternoon, I marinated a piece of chicken breast for an hour in the fridge with the same GARAM HARAM chilli pork salt and pan fry it. The vegetables were boiled, and then sprinkled with the same salt.

garam haram - malaysia - pork bacon salt recipe

I don’t know about anyone else, but it turned out to be a tasty meal for me! It is simple, flavourful enough and kept me to my eat clean diet.

That’s all for today. I’m trying to come up with more ways of using these GARAM HARAM salts over the next few weeks and I’ll be adding them to this post here. It will be very simple recipes, as I’ve said before, I’m extremely busy and I’m lazy as hell. LOL!


Porky Salt 50gm @ RM15 ea
Cili Porky Salt 50gm @ RM15 ea

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