A twist to your Lipton tea moments – Chef Nik tea masterclass & the Lipton Tea Bar on the move!

Have you heard of the Lipton Tea Bar on the move?

Lipton 1st tea bar on the move1

Yes, this is a MOBILE Tea Bar that travels in KL/PJ offering hydrating Lipton tea drinks!
Check on its whereabouts via the Lipton Malaysia Facebook page here –> https://www.facebook.com/LiptonMalaysia and go grab a Lipton Tea Twist drink!
The Lipton Tea Bar baristas will personally brew and serve 4 types of freshly made tea drinks to the public and for the festive season of December (5th – 24th December), all drinks are complimentary. 🙂

Now, if you’re a purist, you do not have to change the way you enjoy your Lipton tea.
But should you feel the need to “shake things up a little”, then the new “Lipton Tea Twist” drinks may be just what you need. These drinks are refreshing, easy to make and certainly gives a twist to your tea drinking experience. I joined a masterclass with Celebrity Chef Nik just last week in a hands-on session of making some of his recipes, specially created for the AFC Lipton Tea Twist show, airing every Tuesday, 8.00pm on AFC, Astro Channel 703.

Lipton AFC Chef Nik

It was great to be able to share a cuppa with Chef Nik in person! His affable personality put us at ease, and we enjoyed every minute of our “tea connoisseur” journey.
A true Malaysian, he started the class on the topic of food and showed us a tea-riffic recipe of frying prawns using tea leaves. Soon we were discussing about cooking with tea leaves, making drinks with tea and his AFC show with Lipton Tea.

A twist to your Lipton tea moments - Chef Nik - AFC (4)

Below is Chef Nik’s fried prawns with Lipton YELLOW LABEL teabags tea leaves.
He left some bread toasting in the oven while he whipped up a simple salsa. The tea element was when he added a sachet of Lipton tea leaves into the breadcrumbs. He then proceeds to dip each prawn into flour, egg and lastly the tea leaves + breadcrumb mixture; ensure that each is well coated before frying it in oil.

lipton tea - afc - chef nik (2)

lipton tea - afc - chef nik

And here we have piping hot prawns with the pleasant fragrance of tea to nibble on as we continued to the next session of making Lipton tea drinks, all using the Lipton YELLOW LABEL teabags.

A twist to your Lipton tea moments - Chef Nik - AFC (2)

A twist to your Lipton tea moments - Chef Nik - AFC (3)

Lipton YELLOW LABEL teabags takes the hassle away from having to steep tea leaves, strain and what-nots when making a cup of tea. Not only that saves time, it is foolproof and straightforward. For the next 4 Tea Twist recipes, we just had to add a tea bag into hot water and then some sweetening ingredients (honey/sugar) before finishing the drink with other flavouring ingredients.
Chef Nik chose to use local and easy to obtain ingredients which effectively makes each recipe even simpler!

We started with a hot tea drink – Honey Lemongrass Tea which was just perfect for my flu. It was as simple as crushing a stalk of lemongrass and boiling it in hot water for 3 minutes followed by adding in ONE Lipton teabag and honey to taste. If you wish to enjoy this chilled, add ice.

Lipton Tea chef nik

That was easy-peasy wasn’t it?

Next we moved on to Paradise Sunrise. This is a bright, cheery drink with wonderful tangy flavours from the orange and lightly perfumed with lychees. It’s a great party drink and incredibly simple to prepare!

A twist to your Lipton tea moments - Chef Nik - AFC (5)

Brew one Lipton teabag in hot water for 3-5 minutes before adding sugar and ice. Top up with orange and lychee juice.
Stir well and taste. Adjust ratio of juices to your liking and add lychee fruits too if you wish. Garnish with orange slices.

A twist to your Lipton tea moments - Chef Nik - AFC (7)

The Lovely Berries may be a little more work compared to the 2 recipes earlier but well worth the trouble if you wish to impress with something out of the ordinary.
Who would have thought blended strawberries and lemon juice paired so marvelously?

A twist to your Lipton tea moments - Chef Nik - AFC (8)

As usual brew one bag of Lipton teabag in hot water, add sugar to taste and then ice.
Then stir in the strawberry puree and a squeeze of lemon.

A twist to your Lipton tea moments - Chef Nik - AFC (9)

Garnish with a strawberry (what else?) and serve immediately.

chef nik - AFC Lipton tea twist

The last recipe was almost like the popular mojito but obviously without alcohol. Chef Nik christened it “Mo-Tea-To“. 🙂

For this minty creation, the mint leaves and Lipton teabag were brewed together in hot water. After 5 minutes we were inhaling the soothing scent of mint as the hot tea continue to brew. The infused scent and flavour of the mint into the tea are the key element of this drink.
Sugar was added to taste before the ice cubes and finally a dash (or two) of lime.

A twist to your Lipton tea moments - Chef Nik - AFC

Garnish with mint leaves.

A twist to your Lipton tea moments - Chef Nik - AFC (1)

Tea is a very versatile beverage and for more tea-riffic recipes do check out –> www.liptonteatwist.com.my and stay connected to Lipton Malaysia FB page as they share generously share fabulous recipes here –> https://www.facebook.com/LiptonMalaysia!

I found this recipe for Lipton Tea Ice Pops that I’ll be making this weekend! 🙂

Lipton Tea ice pops

Last but not least, remember to keep a lookout for the Lipton Tea Bar!